Aries Sun Sign Characteristics

Being first in the zodiac, Arians strive to be first in all aspects of life. Born leaders, they loathe laziness and stagnation, and constantly seek to initiate new projects. Arians get the ball rolling. They are pioneers in their professional lives, ambitious in their personal goals, dynamic, and over-brimming with energy. In some cases, this insatiable urge for motion and progress can lead Arians to become demanding, arrogant, and domineering. But their magnetic personalities and lofty aims mean their impulsive tendencies are usually well directed; and their leadership is more often assertive and confident than boastful or loud.

Valuing physicality over emotion, Arians are fiercely independent and driven by self-interest. Their adventurous, daredevil natures often lead them to impatiently plow ahead––whether or not anyone else is willing or able to keep up. But despite their enthusiastic self-reliance, Arians are loyal and generous friends, who devote their energy to improving and motivating those close to them.


Blunt and frank in their opinions, they sometimes hurt their more sensitive friends and associates. But their excitement for life and undying passion for reaching new heights is infectious, and Arians inspire admiration and devoted friendships easily. Though they may speak their minds plainly, their intellectual and objective views are unclouded by emotion. This is because Arians are science-minded. Rather than being ruled by aesthetic concerns, Arians focus on practical solutions and seek out clear objective answers.

Elementally linked to fire, Arians have a powerful sensuality. Their ardor and thirst for conquest often leads them into recreational promiscuity, and Arians prefer to play the dominant role in the bedroom. But when an Aries finds a match capable of inspiring their burning passion, they make unparalleled lovers and committed companions. Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini all make suitable matches with Aries. Yet the slow sensuality of Taurus is unquestionably the best compliment for fast-moving, fiery Aries. This combination of bold sexuality and perceptive sensuousness provokes an enduring passion, both intellectually and physically.