Are Moon and Saturn behind Our Fears and Negative Traits?

Reason based fear is implanted in us by nature and acts as our survival instinct. On the other hand baseless fears resulting from anxiety and wrong use of imagination are harmful. This article describes the roles played by Moon and Saturn in this regard…


Role of Moon and Saturn …

All fears and personality traits originate from one’s mind which is governed by the Moon. The planet Saturn governs many of our negative traits such as anxiety, inaction, truculence, ignorance etc.
You need to get your horoscope analysed in order to access the probability of developing baseless fears and other negative traits due to afflicted Moon and Saturn.

General Types of Fears associated with Malefic Saturn ….

The following table lists some generally existing fears due to unfavourable Saturn occupying different signs in a Birth Chart:

Sign Occupied by          Probable Associated Fear
Saturn in Birth Chart

Aries – Fear of getting influenced or overpowered by strong willed persons. others

Taurus – Fearing any change in life style and circumstances

Gemini – Fear of sabotage of one’s ideas and plans due to Irrationality of others.

Cancer – Fear of rejection or not getting recognised in life

Leo – Fearing lack of authority and independence of thoughts and actions

Virgo – Fear of disorder and turmoil in life.

Libra – Fear of being rejected by others due to own Selfishness.

Scorpio – Fear of betrayal, humiliation, and falling under Control of others.

Sagittarius –Fear of being awkward and too materialistic

Capricorn – Fearing chaos in life if rules are not followed

Aquarius – Fearing social rejection and isolation

Pisces – Fear of total collapse and loss of identity

General Types of Negative Traits associated with Malefic Moon ….

The following table lists some generally observed negative personality traits due to weak or malefic Moon occupying different signs in a birth chart.

Sign Occupied by
Moon in Birth Chart Probable Negative Traits

Aries- Being too competitive, emotional and blunt

Taurus- Indulgence in food, sex and material possessions

Gemini- Emotionally restless, talkative and edgy

Cancer- Feeling emotionally insecure and less expressive

Leo- Self-important and bossy nature

Virgo- Obsessed with cleanliness and orderliness and being too critical

Libra- Unable to remain balanced in relationships

Scorpio- Being too emotional, controlling, jealous and possessive

Sagittarius- Obsessed with adventure and excitement

Capricorn- Inner soft nature remains hidden by outer hard shell

Aquarius- Too dogmatic and unattached

Pisces- Indulgence in drugs, alcoholic drinks

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar