Cancer Horoscope 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2022

This year Jupiter will transit to Pisces on April 13 and north lunar node to Aries in 10th house. On April 29, Saturn will transit to Aquarius sign 8th house and on July 12, Capricorn in 7th house.

In January, aspect of Saturn in 7th house can make you feel work load. Take care of your relations and take care of your health too during mid-January. In February you’ll be most active and dynamic.

Transition of Jupiter in 9th house in April will let you focus on career and family. In may mercury will become retrograde and can affect your career. Advise is given to think before taking decisions and have patience.

In July, Saturn will transit to Capricorn. Establish all your efforts done in previous 2 years. In October, mars will transit to Gemini, and you’ll be peacemaker. Your immunity will decrease.

You’ll eliminate all irrelevant activities. Overall, transit of Jupiter to pieces will be profitable.

Cancer Love Life 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, cancer natives will get good results in the first quarter of the year, but your relations could improve during mid-year. Love and respect will be there between you and your partner. Natives who are single may get partners in the other half of the year. Strong passion will be dominating your social and romantic life. You will be more cheerful and livelier in your daily life. You could face ups and downs in your social presence.

Cancer Carrier 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will be very productive. Despite of problems in other phases of life, stability, higher labor productivity and good relations with management is expected in the professional life. Before going for any kind of change, look for all pros and cons because optimism can be better for you. Better use of this may be in networking or connecting yourself with better decision makers. By this you can make your job secure.

Cancer Education 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, academic year 2022 will be average for students. Students who are already in reputed institutions or school may expect good results during second half of the year. Students appearing in competitive exams might not get desired results. Hard work is the only way success for cancer born in 2022. It is advised to pay attention to your studies and don’t get distracted. After Pisces will transit to Jupiter after April, students willing for higher education will have low success and only then students should focus without distraction.

Cancer Financial 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will be auspicious in terms of finance. Presence of north lunar node in 11th house states that you will have your desired savings. Work properly to improve your financial condition. Expenses to arise in family occasions and this time is favorable for investing in big projects.

Cancer Family 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will give average results in term of family. Due to combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house, peace and harmony will prevail in the family. You will receive full support of your mother. Worries for children will be over in the second half of the year and during this there will be increase in social prestige. You will take enthusiastically take part in social events and get support from your siblings.

Cancer Children 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year won’t be great because you will be tensed about your child’s health, education, and employment. During later half of the year, your problems related to your children will be solved. Newly married may get good news this year.

Due to position of planets in 5th house of children, creativity, romance investments and leisure, all these things will play a vital role in your life. It is obvious that during this year you can establish a strong bond with your children. New hobby may capture your attention and you can strengthen your bond with your children because of it.

Cancer Marriage Making 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year could be challenging and if you don’t control your situations with patience, problems could arise in your relations. Mid-year will be favorable. If you control everything accurately then last month of the year will be fruitful. This year will be perfect for your peace and happiness. Sometimes you will be tensed because of the mischievous attitude of your children because of which you need to talk to them. Mutual understanding will exist between you and your partner but it is advised to not to let outsiders interfere in your life.

Cancer Business Bonus 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, handling business will be difficult for natives. Especially during last part of the year, growth can be expected from business but your enemies will try to pull you back. Use skills, experience, and intuitions intelligently to run your business smoothly. From business point of view, beginning of the year won’t be favorable and to get success you need lots of hard work and focus. You can get success in the later half of the year.

Position of Saturn in the 7th house will bring average results in the business. Don’t expect sudden success just work hard and be committed to be successful.

Cancer Vehicle and Property 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, natives will fulfill all their requirements from their good financial condition. Natives, after saving much and buying property will consider themselves resourceful. They will spend on auspicious occasions of family and time is favorable for big investments.

Time is auspicious for buying and selling property. One wishing to sell their property may sell it during first part of the year. If you wish to apply for loan to buy property, then it may be approved but it is advised to stay cautious regarding investments because your expenses would increase.

Cancer Wealth and Profit 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, this year will be good in terms of wealth. Beginning of the year might be tough so it advised to cut down your expenses and save more.

But during second half of the year, you may get financial benefits from government areas. This time you will be in a good situation and will able to pay off all the bills. Expenditure on health could arise because of unstable health. March will be better and you will earn profit through business.

During July to December, you will acquire wealth from different sources and you’ll able to save money. So, you can buy yourself some useful thing.

Cancer Health 2022

According to the horoscope 2022, beginning of the year will bring average results. Aspect of Jupiter in 8th house, weather related ailment is expected. Improve your daily routine along with food habits. It is advised to perform proper exercise while doing yoga. Don’t take tension because of financial problems or any competitor. During later half of the year, health will be better and mind will be full of positive thoughts because of beneficial aspects of planets.

Cancer Lucky Number 2022

Cancer is ruled by moon and native’s lucky number is 02. This year will be profitable from all areas. Jupiter’s aspect on 9th house will be auspicious.

This year will be mixed. You may cross obstacles in your path. Improve your time through self-reliance, confidence, and hard-work. Peace will prevail in family and your mother will support you every time. You can expect respect and support from your siblings and family members. Children’s academic year will be better. Take care of your health this year.

Cancer Astrological Remedies 2022

• For better health, wear Red Coral Gemstone in your ring finger.
• For better academic results, sit in the east side.
• Do plantation in educational areas or temples for better business opportunities. Avoid wearing black and
brown color clothes for marriage-related problems and offer food to handicapped.
• For better job improvement, chant ‘OM’ daily for five minutes.