Gemini yearly horoscope – Career and Education in 2020

Gemini yearly horoscope – Career and Education in 2020

Gemini yearly horoscope will give you detailed information to plan for your career, education, money and finance, Love and romance, married life, Family life and health.

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Gemini yearly horoscope Career

For people of Gemini moon sign this year 2020 will start with troubles at their work place. You may also fall shortage of money due to lack of work. Yet from the month of March Jupiter will have transit in Capricorn sign due to which your many troubles will get reduced and your pending tasks will get completed. Due to the transit of Rahu in Gemini sign do not do any big investment and decide to expand your month. Do not begin any work with partnership and let it run as it is. This year you can start some new work and invest money from the month September.

During this time you may have less mental tension at your work place. Some closed or suspended task might begin again. You may get some new project from abroad that you have to complete within the given time then only you will get financial benefits and you will have a new image in the market. If you get a new opportunity during this time then accept it. For people who are in job, this year will bring promotion and salary increment for them at the beginning. You will get a desired job at the beginning of this year. Where ever you work, if you want a transfer, then you will get it done with the help of your senior at your work place.

Do not accept any new job offer or job change during the month of May. Due to greed of high salary you might lose your current income thus be careful about it. During this time wherever you are working be there. Whatever hard work you will do it won’t go waste and you will get the fruits of your labor. The time after the month of September will be beneficial for your job and business.

Gemini Education 2020

For people of Gemini moon sign this year 2020 will bring new opportunities in their education along with many challenges. Due this you will get opportunities to learn new things. You might begin this year with some kind of research work in which you may have to expend much time. Your expended time will not go waste and your hard work will certainly get success. You might get admission at a new college yet you may face hurdles there due to more expenses and high fees. If you arrange money for your future education then this will be beneficial for you. From the month of May you may have disputes with some female friend due to which you may not be able to concentrate on your studies. Due to this reason your tasks related to education might get obstructed.

If you want to go abroad then this year this dream will get manifested. You can try your best due to which your task to go abroad might not get delayed. You will take part in the yearly function at your school or college due to which you will get new recognition. Drive your vehicle carefully; you might get an injury on your eye. Due to this your studies might get obstructed. If your eye is already injured or weak then do not ignore it. For students this year will be good if they are studying at abroad. Their hard work will pay them well due to which their concentration in their studies will remain well.

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