Scorpio Tarot Weekly Reading

Truthstar Scorpio Tarot Weekly Reading predicts what the cards hold for scorpio tarot weekly in this week. Free Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Scorpio.

Scorpio Tarot Weekly Reading 15 April – 21 April 2024

This week, all the actions centered on work. Risk is opportunity. There are plenty of opportunities to make money through your good work. In this week, you can afford to think of the risks, as you are full of creative potential. You are in that state that you can cross all boundaries with you dare- devil attitude. An insurmountable challenge has been on your mind and you have the ability to succeed at this difficult task with style. In the midweek, be ready to face the strict discipline of some senior lady in the family. It will be in your benefit to follow the ideas and advice of your mother or mother like figure. Sharpen your mental skills by reading good books, solving puzzles and get an insight or a breakthrough in the world of the spirit.

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Health –

You are able to turn things around. You might find that your health changes drastically and is able to let go of old negativity. Sudden insights and a feeling of great optimism makes it possible to let go of old grudges and to feel fabulous about the future again. Trying new stuff/ food/ and really enjoying them is also indicated. There is a need to take precautions and protect you of unwanted pregnancy.

Career / Profession –

This is a time when you can expect new opportunities to come on your way. Be ready for them. Dust off your resume, read tips and tactics about making positive career changes. A good week for editors and politicians!!! Medical and engineering students will do well. And those aspiring to study abroad will make it possible this week. They will be able to complete all steps required for the same.

Love & Relationship –

Lovers will have good time, if you’re committed; this will turn in a strong relationship that is mutually supportive and beneficial. If you’re looking for someone, this is a time to meet people. You will be in a self-confident phase, you will get out, socialize, send love SMS. You might be very pleasantly surprised by how things work out.

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