Libra Tarot Weekly Reading

Truthstar Libra Tarot Weekly Reading predicts what the cards hold for Libra tarot weekly in this week. Free Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Libra.

Libra Tarot Weekly Reading 27 November – 03 December 2023

The week starts with search, to find out the ways, so that the final ordeal could be accomplished successfully. Find yourself standing just on the finish line. You could expect difficulty, but you will find a way to overcome it. In the mid week, you are romantic and spend time with your spouse/ partner. End of the week shall be favourable for buying new house/ conveyance or for any property related matters. Most of you may have found yourself in an unusually blessed position with great opportunities coming your way. You feel healthy, full of vitality, energetic and in light mood. Family support, cooperation shall boost up your confidence. You will go out to spend gala time with your loved ones.

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Health –

Health shouldn’t be a cause for worry for you. This is a great time to give thought to what you are doing to increase your health and vitality. If you need rest or exercise Think it through, and add in your schedule. Regular exercise, fibrous food, intake of liquids, avoiding coffee and tea will definitely help you to do better.

Career / Profession –

A position of power is predicted for you. Your hard efforts done in the past will reap rich dividends. Those who own estates will reap success. You will find a harmonious balance between meeting your professional commitments and spending quality time with friends and family. There could be indirect gains through enemies this week. Those who are working selling/buying property will earn huge profit this week.

Love & Relationship –

With romance in the air everything will seem hunky- dory. If you travel during this time period, you may well meet someone very fashionable who appeals to you. For the moment, even though life’s problems go on, you can take time out to forget about the hassles of the everyday world and enjoy the company of this person. Fashionable dresses, accessories and delicious food will interest you. You may be particularly drawn to the bar or restaurant, indulging in great food, wine and cocktails.

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