Vastu Remedies for Kitchen

Vastu Remedies for Kitchen – Kitchen is the source of energy of any house and its positioning in the correct direction is very crucial for a good and healthy living.

Vastu Remedies for Kitchen

It is believed that kitchen positioned in north-east of the house is very inauspicious and this fact remains intact because the north-east is God’s corner hence it is called as ‘Eshan Kon’. Placing a kitchen in this corner burns all the positive energies and turns it into negative which is not good for the whole house. Designing the kitchen according to Vastu principles can be bliss for your complete family.

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In case your kitchen is placed in this pious direction and it is not possible for you to shift it then you can follow the given remedies:

Keep the fire objects (gas stove) in the south-east corner of your present kitchen.

Keep the North-East portion of the kitchen clean and clutter free. If possible, then keep it empty.

Keep all the window open in this direction all time and if possible, provide an exhaust fan into a round hole in the wall facing north-east.

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If possible, extend North-East side of kitchen either to East or North and utilize that space for worship area or wash area. In case extension is not possible then place an image of Goddess Annapurna or a pyramid in this portion.

Change the color of kitchen walls to blue or lemon yellow shade.

You can also place a ‘Siddha Vastu Kalash’ in North-East and worship Lord Shiva daily.

Take 3 bronze bowls. Hang 1 bronze bowls (upside down) near to ceiling in north-east corner then place the other 2 bowls on the left and the right side of the first bowl. Just ensure that none of these bowls are right above the gas stove (if you do not move it south-east).

Some other general remedies that would prove miraculous are below:

1. The kitchen and the toilet should not share a common wall or should not be constructed on top of each other. Remedy: Paste a zinc metal ‘nine pyramid’ on both sides of the wall that is common or hang a 50 mm crystal at the center of your kitchen ceiling and colour the ceiling yellow, to minimize the negative vibrations, if there is a toilet above your kitchen.

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2. A kitchen should not face the main door of the house. Remedy: Hang a 50 mm crystal between the main door and the kitchen door, on the ceiling.

3. The kitchen sink should be at least three feet away from the stove/gas. Remedy: Place a clear crystal rock cluster on the kitchen platform, in between the stove and the sink.

4. The water storage tank should not be above the kitchen, or on south-east side, or anywhere in the kitchen, as this can invite ill health, and adversely affect wealth and prosperity.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar