Vastu Remedies for Relationships


Vastu from our earlier tips involves changes in the interiors around the individual to perfectly match and balance the Universal life force energy. Certain directions, elements and colors have been assigned to various aspects of an individual’s life. The eastern section of your house symbolizes the earth element and is administered by wood. The colors that enriches the beneficial aspect of this section are the earthy tones of browns and blues. South, for instance, is represented by the fire element and is ruled by passionate colors like fiery yellow or red. It is considered as the road for relationships and passion as well as fame and recognition.

Every individual is different personality, and maintaining a loving relationship with everyone in the family is always challenging. So the vital question is how do we ensure that the family members live in harmony together? This is possible by following the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Just follow the Do’s and Don’ts as a thumb rule to have improved and better relationship.


A. Keep bedroom in the south-west of the house.Use wooden bed instead of metal bed.

B. Place your pillow in southern direction and that should be the direction in which your head should be.

C. Make sure you do not have your bedroom in south-east as this is a fire place. And this may lead to the clashes between the couple.

D. Place bed in the southwest portion of the bedroom. Avoid placing bed in northern and eastern zone of the bedroom. It may cause mental stress and financial instability.

E. Always build square or rectangle bedrooms which bring peace and love in life.

F. Paint walls in light colors like green, light blue, rose pink. Avoid red color in bedroom.

G. Place kitchen appliances/objects like gas and sink that represents fire and water respectively properly. You should place gas in South-east and water in North-east or North.

H. Keep money in northern or eastern area of the house as it is an important part of the life.

I. Place crystals in room near you, rose quartz gives peace and tranquility and understanding in relationships.


A. If you are a newlywed couple do not use Northeast bedrooms.

B. Make sure you never place the bed under a beam. It may cause bad effects on health.

C. Keeping mirror in married couple’s bedroom may lead to quarrels between the couple therefore make sure that you do not have mirrors here.

D. If you place T.V and Computer in bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night. Just try to Avoid Computer and T.V in bedroom as they will reflect like a mirror.

E. The worship place should never be planned in the bedroom.