Vastu Remedies for Health


The science of direction, integrating the ‘paanchbhootas’, to maintain the equilibrium of man, material and nature is Vastu Shastra. It helps us to develop a hospitable environment in a methodical manner to our advantage. Ecological relation of five elements with the mother earth and the human kind along with different energy levels of each direction is the base of Vastu, which certainly enhances the scope of improving your health, wealth and happiness.

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It is said that the direction in which one faces while cooking the food is very significant in bringing good health to the family.Ancient Indian scholars had set a belief that preventing mental agony, negative energy, and achieve mental peace is possible, if we follow Vastu. Several health related issues can be eluded, cured or prevented by following simple corrective measures suggested in Vastu. Some rudimentary measures are given below:

You can improve your general health by sleeping with your head towards south. It is recommended to sleep on your left torso if you have “Vata” and “Khapha” constitutions and people who have ‘Pitta’ constitution are advised to sleep on their right torso.

Vastu indicates that construction of a staircase in the clear middle of the house leads to health problems so you must get it constructed in any of the corners of your house.

You must avoid putting heavy furniture in the central portion of your house as it is the brahmasthan (place for Lord Brahma) and it needs to be kept as empty as possible.

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Overhead beams running through the center of the house impacts your mental health adversely so you must try to support the constructions on such architecture that avoids beams.

Imbalance of the fire element in the house causes sickness. If your house faces south, with a slope towards that direction, or the generator room faces northeast and the underground water tank is in southeast, the possibility of health problems will persist. To cure this situation, you need to ensure that the main gate along the south wall always remains shut. Moreover, the gate should be high and made of wood, so that the outside portion is not visible.

Lighting a candle in the fire zone (southeast direction) daily is important for good health.

You must avoid placing any electrical appliances near a water pot, water purifier or sink.

If the toilet in the house faces any of the water areas in the kitchen, then a family member will have to undergo operation.

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Food grains should not be stored under a staircase to ensure good health.

The kitchen platform should be against the eastern wall and the person should also face east while cooking. The gas/stove/oven should be on the right side of the person who is cooking, and the water required for cooking and the sink should be on the left hand side.

You must not have a mirror in front of the bed, and it’s also not advisable to keep broken mirror at home.

In addition to these you should also ensure that your houseis clutter-free and the waste basket is not kept in the north-east corner of the room or house. The color grey, black and brown should be avoided on the walls of your house because it creates a pessimistic attitude ratheroff-white, light blue or light green can be good alternative. The main entrance should either be facing east or north, so that even if there are problems, they will get solved. You can install a Reiki charged crystal grid in the Brahmasthan (center of the house), to keep the whole house energized.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar