Vaastu Principles Can Help Prevent Sick Industry

Vaastu Principles Can Help Prevent Sick Industry

Vaastu Principles – If any industrial unit becomes sick then it is waste of hard work and finance. Many sick units are revived by alterations done to suit Vaastu principles. But this catastrophe can be prevented by initial action,

Vaastu Principles

Vaastu science if timely used can prevent much loss to personal as well as nation’s economy. Tremendous amount of hard work, thought and money goes into setting up any industrial unit. But if the unit becomes sick in other words unproductive or unprofitable then it is a big loss.

Experience of Vaastu experts and those concerned reveals that following Vaastu principles in addition to other factors can help prevent such catastrophe.

Take help of an expert in selecting an industrial plot. The planning of all construction needs to be Vaastu compatible. Various areas as per work need to be as per Vaastu’s directional guidance. Here some basic rules are given for general guidance.

Placement of the Main Machinery …

All heavy machines should be located in the south west part. Vaastu principles call for fortifying the southwest part by making it heavier than the rest. By installing all heavy equipment in this area will give longevity to the equipment and prosperity to the owner.

Placement of the Electric and Energy Sources …

All equipment and instruments connected with energy generation and production such as transformers, generators etc. need to be installed in the fire element area viz. the southeast part of the plot. Following this principle helps in avoiding accidents and breakdowns.

Location for the Administrative Office …

For this the middle parts of north, east, west are considered best. Out of these the east and west parts are more suitable. Prevent using northeast and middle areas of the plot for this activity.

Location of Raw Material …

Avoid using northeast and middle areas and use middle of north, middle of west for this purpose.

Location of Finished Goods …

For this purpose always prefer northwest direction. This area will help in early dispatch of goods. Avoid using northeast, southwest for this activity in order to prevent loss of goods.

Reception Area …

For this the best location is northeast. This direction as per the Vaastu principles is the most auspicious as it is governed by the most auspicious planet Jupiter. You can locate the reception and worship place in this area. This will not only help good impression on all visitors but will help prosperity, name and fame through all those who visit the place.

Some Important Tips …

• Avoid building residence for workers or security persons in northeast, southwest or middle parts of the plot

• If the reception is not located in the northeast then keep this area either empty or make a small garden there.

• For water storage northeast is best

• Keep vehicle parking in the northwest

• Toilets should be in north-west or southeast part of the building, and not in northeast or southwest.

• Rain water should flow from south to north or west to east.

• All dispatches should be made from northwest gate facing east

• The CEO or owner should always sit in southwest part facing east or north.

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