1. Lie on your back with legs and arms straight, feet together, palms facing the ground and touching the sides of your body.

2. While inhaling, gradually raise your legs to 30, 60 degrees and then to 90, pausing slightly at each angle without bending the knees.

3. At 90, raise your toes upwards while body lies on the ground from the head to coccyx. Maintain this posture for some time. Then, while exhaling, slowly go back to the lying position through the same stages without bending the knees.

Benefits & Precautions:

This asana helps in curing nervous weakness and constipation, strengthens abdominal muscles and intestine.

More things to know about Uttan Padmasana

All of you might know that Uttan Padmasana is one of the best yoga exercises that all of you will appreciate. This kind of yoga exercise or asana can be practiced by people of all ages like teenagers, youth as well as mature people. Yet we recommend old aged people and senior citizens to keep away from such exercise as they might feel weary with them.

The Significance of Uttan Padmasana

This yoga asana has a great significance as it brings feelings of peace to the person who practices this asana. It helps to cure any kind of irritation. It activates the visuddha chakra. It also helps the throat to function well. This asana also improves the blood circulation in the human body. Due to this reason you will be safe from heart diseases. This asana will also bring the feelings of love and affection. You can see that when you practice Uttan Padmasana under a good yoga teacher then you will see that it will benefit you more in the long run.