Understanding Concepts of Vedic Astrology-2

*The Dashamasha Chart*


In addition to the main birth chart or the Lagan Kundali there are many Varga Kundali is or the Divisional Charts which if analysed along with the main birth chart can give further insight into the natives specific areas of life.

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In Vedic Astrology there are many divisional charts known as Varga Kundalis. These charts tackle specific matters concerning the native. These charts are analysed along with the main Birth Chart in order to get into depth of some specific area of life. One of the divisional charts which is commonly used as a general guide along with the ascendant chart is the Navamsha chart.

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The Dashamasha Chart

This is also known as the D/10 chart. This chart is obtained by dividing a sign into ten equal divisions of 3o each. This chart is used for analysis of the profession or the 10th house.
The important indications of a dashamasha chart which need to be considered are as follows:

Find out the planet which governs the ascendant of the dashamasha chart then locate the position of that planet in the ascendant chart of the native. If that planet is favourably placed and is strong then during its periods professional achievements and success can be predicted.

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Locate the placement and strength of the ascendant lord of the ascendant chart in the Dashamasha chart. If this is placed in the ascendant of the Dashamasha chart then it is more auspicious.

Analyse the planets posited in the 10th house of the Dashamasha chart and you can get a glimpse into the most suitable profession for that native.

In short we may say that following planets of the Dashamasha chart are likely to give favourable career related results during their periods and favourable transits:

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The 10th lord and planets associated with the 10th lord and the 10th house of the Dashamasha chart. Also planets linked with the ascendant and its lord of the Dashamasha chart.

In addition to these the planets placed in the square and trine houses of the dashamasha chart.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar