The Sun and its Worship

The Sun and its WorshipOne of the Hindu scriptures ‘Braham Puraan’ says in one of its verses:


Translated into English it means,

Worship – “With the grace of the Sun-god the mental,verbal and physical sins of human beings are destroyed.”

As per ‘Rig Veda’ (one of the four Vedas of Hindus) the Sun god is the creator, preserver and destroyer. There will be no life without the Sun. The Sun you see in the sky is the physical reminder of the eternal ever-glowing inner Sun; the core of your true identity –your Soul.
Faith can move mountains, so if you have faith, just recite the following Sun Mantra in your leisure moments and rise and shine like the Sun:


“Om GhriniSooriayeNamaha!!”

So far,so near …

The Sun in the sky is at an average distance of about 150 million Kilometers from the Earth. In summer it may scorch one with its intense heat yet in winter it keeps you cosy with its soft soothing rays. When you feel the intolerable heat of life related problems the inner eternal soothing and ever-glowing Sun, at the eye brow spiritual energy centre called Ajna Chakra, can fill you with intoxicating nectar in deep meditation. This inner Sun is so near, only if you care to internalise your consciousness.

Worshiping the Sun …

in Indian culture. Hindus believe that, ‘Adityoprathmodevo’,which means the Sun is the first and foremost god (Devta). All auspicious rituals begin by requesting Sun god’s permission. As per Hindu tradition the day begins with the Sunrise.

The Sun god is depicted as seated on a lotus, holding lotus flowers in His both hands. He is wearing a Golden crown on His head and a necklace of Gemstones around His neck. Sun god’s mode of transport (Vahan) isa chariot drawn by seven horses.

By worshipping the Sun god one is blessed with health, wealth and good eye-sight.

For propitiation of afflicted Sun in the horoscope you can give red cloths, gur (boiled and solidified sugar cane juice) gold, copper and wheat grains as alms to needy persons.

The Sun worship performed at certain hallowed Indian temples like Suryanar Temple in Tamilnadu carries special importance. Special worship is performed over SuriyaJayanti which is the birth day of Sun god. In case Sun is debilitated or under affliction in your birth chart then you can avail our service Personalised Suriya Pooja (Sun Worship) at Suryanar Temple

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