The Naked Truth about Women Empowerment


When politicians consider, molestation of a teenager girl inside a politician owned bus by the bus conductor and his gang and then throwing her out to instant death as ‘God’s will’ then aren’t they dis-empowering women?..


A 14-year-old girl and her mother were abused and groped by a gang of men, including the bus conductor, before being thrown from the bus on Wednesday. The girl died instantly and her mother was seriously injured.

Since the bus service is owned by the son of the current chief minister of Punjab, in order to hush up the matter, his Ministers are labeling the incident as “God’s Will” and “An Accident”.

Now this exposes the true nature of people in power. They boast of empowering women but they are only empowering themselves and openly depowering women.

Rahu and Mars behind Insensitive Politicians

In this regard let us analyse the available birth chart of the concerned politician whose son owns the bus service.


The 10th house is very powerful because its lord Mars occupies this house. Mars is favourable to the native and it aspects the ascendant. The ascendant lord Saturn is placed in the 10th house along with 5th and 8th lord Mercury and the 7th lord the Sun. Placement of Mercury in the 10th house along with the ascendant lord Saturn ensures full support of the native to his son.

Conjunction of Sun and Mars in the 10th house gives the native immense political power. Presence of 8th and 12th lords in the 10th house gives him support from negative elements and suppressive political forces.

The 10th house is aspected by exalted 6th lord the Moon which is conjunct exalted Rahu. This aspect helps in hiding his true face, yet getting full support of negative forces around him.

Jupiter occupying its own 2nd house and the 4th and 9th lord placed in the 9th house give him a favourable luck in amassing wealth, power, name and fame.

At present he is running the sub-period of the ascendant lord Saturn in the main period of Ketu.

Both these planets viz. Saturn and Ketu fall in the constellation of Mercury which is fully in favour of Badal family’s political dynasty and in particular to his son.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar