Sun Transit in Aries – 14 April 2023

Sun Transit in Aries – Sun is going to transit in Aries sunsign on 14th April 2023, on Friday at 2.42 PM and will stay in the same till 15th May, 2023.

According to Vedic Astrology, Lord Sun is known as the king of planets and is male by nature. This article throws light upon effect of Sun’s transit in Aries sunsign.

Sun Transit in Aries


The sun rules the fifth house of horoscope of people of Aries sunsign. This house represents inclination towards spirituality and children. Thus Sun’s transit in Aries sunsign is beneficial for people with Aries sunsign. You will feel energetic but may be aggressive. It may affect your relationship in adverse manner. Although, you will be mentally strong for decision making and your decisions will also bring good results.

This time is favorable for career of Aries people. You will be able to move forward in your career and will be satisfied with the results. There are good possibilities of getting new opportunities in professional field. This period is good from financial and relationship point of view too. You may plan journey with your partner and enjoy good time. Couples will enjoy a romantic time and spend nice time with each other. You will also spend nice time with your family and like to meet new people.

Solution – Chant ‘Om Bhaskaray Namah’ 19 times everyday.


The sun rules the fourth house of people with Taurus sunsign and going to transit in the 12th house of your horoscope. Fourth house is known for comfort and 12th house represents loss. Thus, presence of Sun in the 12th house of your horoscope may cause financial loss and problems in your life. Also, obstacles may arise in other aspects of your life. You will not get desired result in your work field. Moreover, you can plan changing your job due to lack of appreciation for your hardwork in the workplace. Expenditures may rise due to low income and this may affect your family life adversely. Your relationship may face various up-downs and there may be differences in family members which will cause lack of mental peace.

Your health can suffer and digestive problems, throat infection, vertigo etc. can occur. Sun is looking the 6th house from the 12th house which will cause arguments in family members.

Solution – Chant ‘Om Namah Shivay’ 11 times everyday.


Sun is the lord of the third house for people of Gemini sunsign and going to transit in the 11th house. This house represents your wishes and profit. Transit of sun in the 11th house is beneficial for you. You will be happy and attain success in every field. Your luck will support you and you will reach new heights in your workplace. Apart from this, you can get leading opportunities in companies and institutes.

If you own a business, this transit will bring golden opportunity for you. This duration is good for earning profit and beating your competitors. Moreover, you can start a new business for financial benefit. There are chances of economic strength through various earning sources. Share market and trade, lottery etc. are good source for financial profit. Sun’s transit in the Aries sunsign will be beneficial for you in the manner that you can have economic profit from foreign countries.

For couples, this period is good for relationship. You can strengthen your chemistry with your partner and you both will try to enhance understanding in the relationship. Married people will also enjoy the same.

For health, the transit period is good and no big health issue will arise. Small problems such as headache can happen.
The sun is looking the fifth house of your horoscope from the eleventh house which will bring happy moments in the family. You can also get some good news from your children’ side.

Solution – Chant ‘Om Namo Narayanay’ 21 times everyday.

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Sun will transit in the tenth house of cancerians which represents profession, stability and identity. The transit period is good for your career and will bring financial profit. Getting a job in foreign is possible and promotion in job may happen. You will be able to beat your competitors. Income will increase and various income sources may arise.
The transit will affect your relationship positively. You can plan a trip with your partner and your journey will be pleasant. The sun is present in the tenth house, thus it won’t cause any health problem during the transit period. It is looking your fourth house which fills your house with happiness and generates love among family members.

Solution – Chant ‘Om Durgay Namah’ 11 days every day.


Sun is the lord of the first house in your horoscope and going to transit in the ninth house. It will help you in career and bring promotion. There are chances of financial profit and your inclination towards spiritual deeds. Opportunity of foreign trip may arise. Businessmen can utilize this time for earning profit and enhancing business. From financial point of view, this transit is favorable.
From family point of view, any auspicious occasion can arise. You will have good time with your partner. Married couples can plan a trip which will bring you both closer.

Health will be good. Sun is looking the 3rd house from the 9th house of your horoscope, so the fortune will be yours and bring positive changes in your life.

Solution – Chant ‘Aditya Hridayam’ everyday.


Being the lord of the 12th house and transiting in the 8th house of your horoscope, the Sun’s transit will not be very favorable for you. Your carelessness and work pressure can make you do mistakes in your workplace. Transfer in career and dissatisfaction can be seen.
Economically, the transit period is adverse and chances of financial loss, increase in expenses etc are there. Thus, you are advised to plan things well before stepping ahead.

In relationship, chances of differences with your partner and arguments are there. So you should be careful.
Health can be affected and complaints of stomach related problems and headache etc. can occur. The sun is looking the 2nd house of your horoscope from the 8th house which will cause increase in expenditures.

Solutions – Organize Yajna for Sun God on Sunday

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Being the lord of the 11th house in your horoscope, it is not a good planet for you. It is going to transit in the 7th house which represents partnership, friendship and business. The transit period of sun will be average for you. In career, try to avoid arguments with colleagues. Stress and lack of support from seniors and colleagues can occur in the workplace. There are chances of necessary journey and financial loss.

Businessmen need to be careful and working in partnership can be challenging.

In personal relationship, lack of understanding can arise so try to balance the personal life.

Presence of sun in the 7th house can cause up-downs in your health or your partner’s health. Delay in important works can also occur because the sun is looking the 1st house. In family, things will not be very good and distress can be seen.

Solution – Worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday


The sun is the lord of the 10th house for scorpions and going to transit in the 10th house of the horoscope. The transit period is amazing for you. The transit is supportive for your career and no obstacle can stop your way. Chances of promotion and increment in income are there. Business people will also be able to enjoy profits. You will beat your competitors. Partnership in business will also be successful.

Personal life will be good and you can strengthen your relationship with your partner.
From health point of view also, you will remain energetic and work well to improve your health.

The sun is looking the 12th house of your horoscope from the 6th house which brings mixed results.

Solution – Chant ‘Lingashtakam’ everyday


Sun is the lord of the 9th house of Sagittarians and going to transit in the 5th house of your horoscope. Ninth house represents the luck and fifth house represents the spirituality. The time is good for your career and brings nice results. For business people, this transit is supportive for earning profit.

For relationship, Sun’s transit is profitable and you will have nice time with your partner. The transit will leave positive effects on your health. You will feel energetic and healthy.

Sun is looking the 11th house in your horoscope from the 5th house which will bring profit for you in various fields and fulfill your wishes.

Solution – Organise Yajna for Lord Shiva on Thursday.


The sun rules the 8th house of Capricorn and is going to transit in the 4th house of your horoscope. 8th house is known for obstacles and 4th house is of comfort, house and property. You may suffer stress in work and face challenges. You will face tough competition in business, so you should be careful.

From financial point of view, the transit of Sun is not favorable to you as it will cause financial loss and unnecessary expenditures. Lack of understanding with your spouse or partner will occur. Small health issues will arise and this transit can cause ill health of your mother too.

Being in the fourth house, the sun looks the 10th house of your horoscope and will cause challenges in your workplace.

Solution – Organize Yajna for Saturn on Saturday.

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Sun rules the 7th house of Aquarians and going to transit in the 3rd house of their horoscope. Seventh house is known for communication, personality development and younger siblings. The time is good for businessmen and you can earn good through outsourcing.
When comes upon the financial matter, presence of sun in the third house will bring positive results for you. For personal relationship, the time is favorable and you will have good chemistry with your partner. You will be able to strengthen your relationship.
Regarding health, things will be good and you won’t face any big problem.

Sun is looking on the 9th house of your horoscope from the 3rd house. It shows that it will bring positive changes in your life and stimulate progress.

Solution – Chant ‘Narayniyam’ everyday


Sun rules the 6th house of Pisces people and going to transit in the 2nd house. The 6th house represents sickness and loan while the 2nd house shows money and domestic life. The transit period is not good for your career. You will have to face challenges for earning money and suffer financial loss too.

Economically, sun’s transit is not good for you. Lack of chemistry and understanding will be seen in your relationship. For health, the time is not good because sun will remain in the 2nd house being the ruler of the 6th house. This will result in unnecessary expenditure on sickness.

Sun is looking in the 8th house from the 2nd house. This shows that the transit period will bring challenges in your life.

Solution – organize yajna for Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber on Friday.