Steady goes the Taurean

The Typical Taurus born is reliable, loyal, fortunate and steady. If you like to ‘chill out’ and have an attitude of ‘let go’ then you either are a Taurean or the Taurus sign in your birth chart is strong and free from afflictions.


Taurus-bornperson true to the sign’s symbol- ‘A Bull’is normally very steady. Have you ever watched a bull carrying a loaded bull cart? It does not like so much hard work, but ignoring the labour it has to put in, the bull moves on steadily, looking forward to moments of leisure and ease.

Taurus being an Earthy sign attracts most Taurus -born to professions related to agriculture, farming, and gardening or as a hobby tending to their well-kept potted plants. They love being in contact with land. Walking bare feet on unpaved ground will give them health benefits. The other Earthy signs are Virgo and Capricorn, but out of these three Taurus is strongly earthy.

Due to the Earthy sign Taureans love money, richness and social status above all other things and can very well handle their finances. They can be good financial advisers as a profession. Taurus sign being governed by Venus they are spendthrifts and like display of their luxurious possessions.

They love moments of leisure more than everyone else and after a hectic day may like to watch telly or put their feet up and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of beer.

Taurean in Love …

They are naturally slow in selecting a suitable partner, but once they do it they remain loyal. They generally do not like flirting with many. They would like to stay with one partner provided the partnerunderstands and matches with the earthy vibrations. After entering into a marriage alliance they never want to separate and give motherly care to their partners.

Taurean in Sex …

They are quite sexy and love straight and satisfying sex and need plenty of it. They need a good sexual compatibility with their partner failing which they may behave as ‘a bull with sore head’

Typical Taureans …

Those satisfying any one or both of the following conditions show strongly Taurean characteristics and thus can be called as typical Taureans:

• All those born, as per Vedic Astrology in the middle of Taurus ascending sign with a strong ascendant falling in any of the three Nakshatras
(Constellations ) of Venus viz. Bharni, Poorva-phalguni or Poorva-ashadha.
• All those born on 6th, 15th or 24th dates during the period 20th April to 20th May. Note: You gain extra strength if the date falls on a Friday.

You too can do it …

All the rest of the Taureans;those who do not satisfy any of the above conditions and have a dull and less fortunate life need not worry as they too can attract fortune by strengthening what they are born with. Some of these tips may be of help:

• Take advice of a Numerologist to make your name vibration compatible with the date of birth vibration.
• Take advice of an Astrologer to find out if you can wear a Diamond or its substitute gem in a ring.
• If Venus is afflicted in your chart then take advice to know how to propitiate it.
• Give up your habit of possessiveness and help the needy
• Give up laziness. Yoga and breathing exercises and long morning walk will be of great help
• Try not to be insensitive towards others and be more outgoing
• Try to grab the bull by the horns, well I mean that you must not just let life pass by, take initiative and grab the opportunities as and when
they come.
• Add more of Apples, Grapes, Olives, Green beans, Cherries and spring cabbage in your diet as these are your healing foods.
• Place an attractive image or idol of goddess Laxmi on an altar. Light a Deepak (lamp) and thick incense stick every morning and evening
and sit facing it and recite at least a mala (Rosary of 108 quartz crystal beads) of the following Mantra:

“Shree SarvabadhaVinirmuktoDhandhanyaSutanvita,
ManushiyoMatprasaadenBhavishyati Na Sansheya”

This is a very powerful mantra and if you recite it regularly with full faith then within a short time you may experience a positive transformation.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar