Signs of a Tough Marriage in Astrology

Divorce is very painful and no one wants that in our life. Still, divorce happens, and it shatters people. I see marriage as predestined and I certainly don’t believe in horoscope matching and compatibility check. Remedies for Avoiding Divorce

Marriage is predestined and even if someone matches the horoscope, if God wants to separate the couple then none of the astrologers can put them together. Lord Ram and Sita were the reincarnations of Vishnu and Lakshmi, they were separated and nothing could bring them together. Throughout Vedas, we can never see someone matching horoscopes. If the horoscopes were matched, Sati the first wife of Shiva would have never committed suicide, Ram and Sita must have had a perfect life, Kunti would not have to produce children from demi-gods, Gandhari never would have cursed Krishna for being a reason for her 100 son’s death.

If horoscope matching was the part of ancient days, the father of astrology Sage Parashara would have never produced Vyasa, because, the relationship between Malsyagandhi was just like a one night stand. She moved on from the relationship and Married King Shantanu. Look at the background of all the relationships in Vedas, and basic texts. Arjun eloped with Subhadra: no horoscope matching, Ram won Sita by winning a competition: no horoscope matching, Pandhavas married Droupadi: no horoscope matching, Lakshman married Urmila just because Ram married Urmilas sister: no horoscope matching.

See, marriage is predestined.

Kunti had multiple affairs and she produced kids with her husband’s permission, no horoscope matching for producing kids. I still wonder on what right Pandavas fought with Kauravas for the property as they are not the sons of Pandu.

Your spouse comes as part of past birth karma. You people have some accounts to get tallied and God is giving one more chance to get everything correct. See, according to 95% in our life is predestined, that’s why we can see where our spouse is coming from and what kind of relationship we are destined for. Rest 5% is unknown to everyone.

So, the divorce chances will be reflecting from the 7th house, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. The primary indicator is the 7th house and it has to be in a very complex model. If there is malefic, functional, or natural, then the marriage will go weak. The placement, aspect, and conjunction of the 7th lord will show the productivity of the marriage. The 7th lord should not be afflicted, but the aspect of benefics can improve the marriage. Aspect placement and conjunction is like supporting the marriage. Even if the 7th house is weak, an aspect can bring a lot of positivity.

The 7th house is the house of Kama, lust, and desires Spiritual planets like Jupiter, Ketu, and Saturn’s presence without a positive aspect will show less sexual pleasures in the marriage. I know an Indian guy who married 4 times and his friend who brought his horoscope asked me whether he will marry again. I asked her to be ready for more such short marriages.

Divorces Happen Due to Erroneous Vaastu Architecture

Many astrologers say 7th lord getting connected to 6th, 8th and 12th lord shows divorce, but I have seen enough charts of people with such placement who have an ok marital life. So don’t go crazy when you see your 7th house has a connection to these houses.

For ladies, Jupiter being in a bad mode doesn’t mean divorce, but that surely means, your husband is not an easy guy to deal with. House placement doesn’t matter. He cannot be impressed with the missionary position first of all. He will like to adopt 50 shades of grey mode. (Not from my experience as my Jupiter is in a sober mode)

Venus also should be supported well, otherwise, there will be bitterness. First of all, I don’t trust humans as they have a bad tendency to hide the truth. I know a Venus retrograde guy, he gave me his horoscope and I asked him whether he is happy in his marital life. He said yes, I am, after 2 months I heard that he is dating his colleague. I have this huge trust issue with humans, men, women, they lie. That is disheartening when an astrologer can trace the truth in their life. Venus’s debilitation, exaltation, combust all is not showing a happy marital life. You must be thinking exalted planets are so great for love life it is good for a luxurious life, but not for a great marital life. Either you are denied from marital life or you are engrossed in sexual pleasures, which eventually harm your relationship.” What the Fcuk?”

Some horoscopes will give us an impression that the couple will get divorced, but somehow the universe the people together to pay back their karmic debt until death.

Horoscope matching is a SCAM, so don’t break your head on horoscope matching. Even if you juggle with multiple horoscopes and arranged your marriage to have a happy marriage, if you are destined for divorce you will be. So, next time when you go to a Scam artist, you remember this. You can never match two horoscopes to make a successful marriage.

Article by Jayashree – Astrologer (Specialised in guiding on Marriage issues)