Shani Determines Your Job Or Business Prospects

After the completion of one’s education, the thought arises in the mind of people whether doing a job would be okay for them or if they would get more success in business. Every person needs money to fulfill the needs of life. Astrology can play an important role in finding if a person will do a job or get work done by other people.

House Positions To Consider

How to find in which job or business a person will get more success? We can know this by finding out the planets placed in the horoscope or Kundli in the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses or the planets that see these houses. If the lord of houses of the 1, 2, 7, 9, 10, and 11 houses are strong and if mercury is in a strong position, such people are more successful in their own business or they earn money through a job. 10th house from the 10th house that is, the 7th house of your Kundli also plays an important role in getting success in business. Also, the 7th house indicates a business done in partnership. We can know if work done in a partnership will yield profit or if we will be deceived by the business partner if we see the 7th house. Thus, it is essential to study this house whenever we do any work. Next is the 11th house, which is the house of profits and earnings. How do we find out how much profit we will get from which work? The 11th house indicates this. This house shows the fulfillment of our desires. Thus, if any planet is placed in the 11th house in a strong position, then you can achieve success in a business or work-related to that planet.

Since the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are the money or artha trikon houses, they can fulfill the money related needs of a person. The 2nd house is a house of your family and saved money. 6th house indicates your job and debts. The 10th house shows your business. If the 2nd house is strong in any person’s Kundli, then his or her economic needs are fulfilled by property and money received from the family. If the 6th house is strong in your Kundli, then you will do a job for your whole life. You will earn money from your hard work and efforts if the 10th house is strong.

Job And Shani

Choosing a means of livelihood is very important for everyone. Selecting a particular work or business according to our abilities for the future has a great significance in the present world of competition. The work you choose for yourself lays the foundation of your future. In earlier times, people would complete their education and then decide which job they will do. However, the present generation is more interested in determining the direction of their future even before the completion of school education. Selecting the means of livelihood impacts people’s lives more than the lifestyle or any other incident in a person’s life. Work affects our lives in many ways.

Work has a great impact on our values, our vision, and our trend of thinking. It is extremely important to choose the right livelihood from an early age in this age of the world of fierce competition and rivalry. Thus, we need a procedure through which we can find out we can know the thinking ability and capability of working with any person. Through this, people can know about their abilities and talents that are a significant part of their life.

Challenges and competition are the main part of today’s society. Thus, making a plan of livelihood alone determines what we should do in our lives and what we want to do.  It is not good to change the work or business again and again in an aimless manner. Saturn or Shani is considered to be a planet that determines the job of a person. Thus, we must consider the position and condition of Shani for finding out about job prospects.

Role Of Shani In Job

Doing a job or getting the job done by someone else is two different subjects. The position of Shani in your Kundli decides if you will do a job or you will hire others to do the job. If Shani is in a debilitated position in your Kundli, then you will do a job. On the other hand, if Shani is in an exalted position, then you will be more interested in doing business. This means that you will be an expert in getting the job done by other people. Shani is debilitated in mesh or Aries sign and exalted or uccha in Tula or Libra sign.

As Shani moves towards the Tula sign from the mesh sign, it goes on getting exalted. As Shani moves forward from Tula, it starts going towards the sign of debilitation. Shani sees the 3rd, 7th, and 10th houses, from the house in which it is placed in your Kundli. Saturn’s Transits are not Always Bad

If your Kundli is of mesh or Aries Lagna and Shani is placed in Rishabh or Taurus sign, then you must know that the Rishabh sign is a Rashi of materialistic goods. Since the Taurus sign is placed in the 2nd house and venus is its ruler, it indicates the condition of your family. Shani has arrived in this sign after coming out of the neecha or debilitated mesh sign but it is moving towards a higher sign of exaltation. It results in a person earning money by doing work related to materialistic goods as the 2nd house is the house of money.

The 2nd house is considered for analyzing the financial condition of a person. Shani will see the kark or cancer sign by its 3rd Drishti and moon is the ruler of cancer sign. Thus, you will think of doing work and business-related to property, land, and water. After this, Shani will put its 7th Drishti on the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of work by getting commission from selling a property. Shani sees the Kumbh or Aquarius sign by its 10th Drishti from this house. Thus, you will be profited by the support of elder siblings in your business. This Rashi is also a sign of means of communication. Thus, you will use the best means of communication in your work or business. If Mangal or Mars is also impacting the Shani, then you will have technical abilities. Miraculous Predictions About Foreign Travel

The impact of cancer sign and mars together will encourage you to do a property business or do work related to selling of materials used in making a house or building. You can do work related to the moon, like agriculture or work related to Mars, like growing crops that need medicines to grow. You can also do work related to instruments, machines, and tools used in agriculture.

Shani or Saturn is the lord of the job in astrology. If Shani becomes related to the 6th house in any way or is related to the lord of the 6th house, then this is very auspicious for doing a job. If the lord of the 6th house is not related to the 2nd house or 11th house, then that time is not auspicious for the job. You will get many job offers but you will not be selected for a job if the lord of the 6th house conjuncts with a harsh planet or an inauspicious planet or if it has a Drishti on these planets.

Important Astrological Factors For A Job

3 Things Necessary For A Job

Speech, efforts, and the person who is taking your interview are the 3 most important factors for a job. Let’s take a look at the planets of these factors.

Budh or mercury is the karaka planet of a job Mars or mangal is the karaka planet of efforts, and the moon is the karaka planet of the person who is taking your interview. How Saturn Makes One Rich?

4th house determines the profit from a job. There will be instability in the job if any inauspicious planet is placed in the 4th house and if the lord of the 6th house is an enemy planet.

Saturn or Shani is the lord of your karma or work. If Shani is in an auspicious state in your Kundli, then your career will see a continuous rise and progress. If Shani is in an inauspicious condition in your Kundli, then you will face many problems in your work and job. We can see the indications of a person’s career and work by judging the placement of Shani in the Kundli and finding if it is auspicious or inauspicious. The following changes occur in your career when Shani makes a relation with other planets during its transit or gochara. Career Weekly Horoscope

Results Of Shani’s Relation With Other Planets During A Transit Or Gochara


When Saturn becomes conjunct with the sun or makes a relation with it, then you get profit from the government sector and politics but you get success after a great struggle. A person has to struggle a lot in getting work and progressing the career when the sun is placed in the 2nd or 7th house from the house in which Shani is placed. You have to work very hard and struggle in this situation.


Moon is a planet of instability. Shani is the lord of work and when it conjuncts with the moon or makes any relation with it, then it causes instability in job and business. Due to the instability of the mind, there are fewer chances of success in works that need to be done in one place or a stable condition. If this placement occurs in your Kundli, you may achieve success in art, writing, and travel-related works.


You may get success in machinery, technology, and construction-related works if Shani is placed in the Aries sign of mars or Scorpio sign. The transit of Mars and Saturn helps in getting a career in these fields.


If Shani is transiting in the Gemini or Virgo signs of the mercury planet, then you may get success in business. If Shani makes any auspicious relation with mercury, then you may success in mass communication, writing, and business.


Know the results of Shani conjunct with Jupiter or guru. If Shani is placed in Jupiter’s Rashi dhanu or Sagittarius and meen or Pisces, then you will get auspicious results when Shani transits the signs of dhanu and meen. Shani grants you success, respect, and fame in education and religion-related works.

Significance of Shani Pradosham, Benefits


If Shani is placed in Taurus or Rishabh sign and Tula or Libra signs of venus, and if Shani is making any relation with venus, then you will get a job or career in luxury and beauty related works when Shani transits Taurus or Libra signs.

Saturn Itself

If Shani is placed in its own makar Rashi, Capricorn, or Kumbha Rashi, Aquarius sign, then you will get a job and you will start your own business. When Shani is placed in these Rashis, then you may get success in the field of administration. You may also get success as a psychologist or a trainer.