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Sawan Shivratri 2022

Sawan Shivratri – The Birth night of God” – Shivratri is also known as Shiv Jayanti. Shivratri is the greatest and darkest night of the month. On this night, Shivji and Parvati tied the knot and became “One”. Thus, it is a sign of the meeting of the Soul with the Almighty. Chaturdashi Tithi during Krishna Paksha in month of Magha is known as Sawan Shivaratri is going to be held on 26th July, 2022 throughout the Country.

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It is believed that on Sawan Shivratri, Lord Shiva became Neelkantham by swallowing the deadly poison that found in the ocean during the churning of “Kshir Sagar”.

The poison was so toxic that even a drop in his stomach, which represents the universe, would have destroyed the whole world. So, he controlled it in his neck, which turned blue due to the impact of poison.

Sawan Shivratri is the carnival of this incident by which Shiva saved the planet. The celebration of Shivaratri begins with bhajans offered in praise of Lord Shiv. Every person is free to do puja at the shrine during this chanting. This Puja consists of offering milk, water, fruit, incense and flowers to Lord Shiv, circling the lingam and ringing the bell.

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In the early morning, devotees reached at Shiva temples, mostly women, who come to perform the conventional worship of the Shivalinga.

The day is considered auspicious especially for women. They pray for the well being of their husbands and sons, while unmarried girls pray for a husband like Shiva as he is considered the ideal husband.

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Lord Shiva the Master of the Chaturdashi

The Master of the Chaturdashi is Lord Shiva as same as the Lord of the Fire is the Master of all the Tithies (Dates) like Pratipada etc. So, one can be benefited by worshiping the God on their own days.

The master of the day of Chaturdashi is Lord Shiva or Chaturdashi is the day of Lord Shiva. So, this night of worshiping Lord Shiva is called Shiva + Raatri (night)= Shivaratri. The day of Chaturdashi of every month’s Krishan Paksha is celebrated as ‘Shivaratri’ and it is called as the Shivaratri of the Month.

The devotees of the Lord Shiva are observing the fast on Shivratri every month. However, the night of the Chaturdashi of the Phalgun month’s Krishan Paksha is called Shivaratri.

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On the basis of Eshaan Sanhita: Shivalingtyoddootah Kotisooryasamaprabhah. It means, this day is important because of the evolution of the ‘Jyotirlingha’ due to which it is known as ‘ Shivaratri’. This fast can be observed by all the people, whether they are Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya, Shoodra, Men, Women, Old or Young.

Make your life Happier by fasting on Sawan Shivratri

Krishna Paksha

There is a reason behind that Shivaratri falls in the Krishna Paksha. In Shukla Paksha, Moon is full and in Krishana Paksha it becomes feeble.

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As Moon becomes emaciated, all the creatures of the Earth become emaciated as well. In the absence of the Sun and with the less power of the light of the moon, the power of the darkness becomes more powerful. The Lord Shiva is considered as the controller of these powers.

In the presence of the Sun, these powers of the night are unable to work properly so they become more active at night. So, as the bridge is prepared before the rainy season when water comes, Lord Shiva has been worshiped before the no moon night.

Make your life Happier by fasting on Sawan Shivratri

Anant Chaturdashi