How Saturn Makes One Rich?

Saturn Makes One Rich – Saturn is said to be a cruel planet

Saturn Makes One Rich –is malefic / slow task master /lord of misfortune/deadly, like these so many adjectives are used in the description of this most mysterious planet. But it is this very planet, if benefic in kundali, showers wealth. Saturn gives so much wealth that it is often said- SHANI JAB DETA HAI TO CHAPPAR PHAD KAR DETA HAI. In modern times, astrologers go far ahead and are of the opinion that Saturn is a planet like other planets which has not any bad influence on human life. This is the reason that there is no need to be scared of it. This article is the research work of our modern thinkers who defend this planet and place their positive views in this regard.

Saturn Makes One Rich

According to Vedic astrology: Saturn was born from Sun & Chaya on Amavasya day of Krishana Paksha. Sanghaya was the wife of Suarya who had g Saturn was born from Sun & Chaya on Amavasya day of Krishana Paksha. Sanghaya was the wife of Suarya who had great love for her husband, but could not tolerate his heat. So she left her sons in the care of her shadow (Chaya) and went to her father’s place. It is during this period that Shani was born as son of Surya and Chaya. Shani’s birthday is celebrated on every Amavasya of krishana Paksha.

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According to the Lunar Calendar In this way, a cycle of 15 Ttithies from Pratipada to Poornima is called Shukla Paksha and the other cycle which completes on Amavasya is Krishna Paksha. Two Ttithies which falls only once in a month are Amavasya and Poornima. Amavasya which falls on Chaturdashi is called Siriwali and which falls on Pratipada is called kuhu Amavasya. In one Lunar year, 12 Amavasyas fall. Amavasya takes precedence over all the Tithies in Hindu religious. Amavasya Night is the darkest night of the month. Moon is not visible from the earth on this day that is why; it is called (Chandra Diwas) or Invisible Moon day. Sun, Moon and earth make a unique association on Amavasya day. Solar eclipse always happens on Amavasya day only.

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