Rekindle and Harmonize Your Love Relations With Phoenix and Dragon Pair


The ancient science of Chinese origin known as Feng Shui can harmonize the love based relationships between lovers or married couples..

The ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui is all about making free flow of ‘Chi’ energy and balancing the Yin and Yang energies in an environment.

Marital bondis a socially acceptable way of uniting two persons, normally of opposite sex, for procreation and creating a progressive and cordial environment in the form of a family home for balanced upbringing of future generation.

Only a mutual love based relation between husband and wife can ensure peaceful and progressive homely environment. In the present day scenario of hectic lifestyle each partner expects a lot from the other. Soon after marriage the newness wears away and differences raise their head resulting in lack of harmony and marital bliss.

There are many ways of curing such situations and these days easy to follow Feng Shui cures are quite popular.

The Yin and Yang Energies …

All energies of this universe are either positive and male in nature or negative and female. In Feng shui terminology the positive energy is Yang whereas the negative energy is Yin. There needs to be a balance between the two to have peace and harmony.

Yin and Yang are in fact complementary and not opposing forces which interact in order to create a dynamic system. Generally Yin and Yang are inseparable, just for an example, shadow and light, each of these cannot exist without the other. Here light is the Yang energy whereas the shadow is the Yin energy.

Phoenix and Dragon Pair …

Although Dragon is a mythical creature yet in ancient times Chinese believed it to possess supernatural powers. Dragon represents the positive or Yang energy. Phoenix is the goddess of all the winged creatures.

Phoenix and Dragon are considered as celestial animals. The celestial couple compliments each other and creates a Yin-Yang balance resulting in marital bliss in its surroundings.

This wonderful pair not only enhances and balances the existing marital bliss, but also rekindles the diminishing fires of mutual love.

Where to Place the Celestial Pair? …

Following the principles of classical Feng Shui School the best area to place the Phoenix-dragon pair for improving, balancing and rekindling love relations between husband and wife is the Southwest area. As per the Bagua map if you stand facing your house at the main entrance then the portion at the extreme right hand top of the premises is the southwest.

This area is the best for Marriage and Relationships, So married couples should locate their bedroom there. Place the Phoenix-dragon pair in the extreme right hand top corner of this room for best results.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar