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Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius Moon Sign – Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Aquarius Moon Sign

Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius Moon Sign

For people of Aquarius moon sign the transit of Rahu in Gemini will take place in the fifth house from their birth sign. The transit of Rahu in Gemini in the fifth house may not be regarded to give favorable results. Due to this transit there might be possibility of below given good and ill fruits:-


From health point of view this transit of Rahu is not very unfavorable yet people who are troubled from diseases of heart and blood pressure need to take care during this period. Women who are pregnant or people whose wives are pregnant might face adverse conditions during this time. Thus they might need to be careful during this period.

Family and Social Life

From family and social life point of view this transit of Rahu may give mixed results. You might get worried on account of your children etc. You need to keep control over tongue and behavior or else unwanted disputes might arise. You also need to be careful about your social image.

Financial Position

From finance and money point of view this time is not too favorable for you. During this time your income may face ups and downs. Yet there are chances to get sudden monetary gains. You may have chances of getting profit from money that was invested previously. You may have favorable conditions to pay back borrowed money. If you have invested your money in shares etc then there might be possibilities to get profit from them.


From career point of view this transit of Rahu is not to give favorable results. People trying to get a job or employment may have chances to get good news. You may have chances of giving good performance in competitive exams. This transit of Rahu is favorable for those people who are in the field of politics. For government employees also this transit of Rahu in the fifth house can be considered to give favorable and good results. You may get a chance of promotion or a post having high responsibility. You may have good relations with your boss but your juniors might create trouble for you at office. For people who are in business this transit of Rahu will give them mixed results. You may see fast progress in your business yet troubles might be there due to various reasons. You might have trouble due to theft and ignoring the rules laid by the law. There are chances of trouble due to government owned agencies. You pay your taxes within the given time.


You may follow the below given remedies to control the ill fruits of Rahu transit in the fifth house:-

  • 1) You may wear Hessonite gemstone of 5 carat weight.
  • 2) You may chant the mantra Om bhraam bhreem bhraum saha rahuvey namah.
  • 3) You may worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga daily.

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