Prakrama Yoga

*Courage bestowing Astrological Yoga*

Here is a combination (Yoga) of Vedic Astrology which if present in a birth chart bestows extra ordinary courage.

Prakrama Yoga

How this Yoga is formed?

If in a birth chart the planet Mars occupies a benefic sign and the 3rd lord occupies a benefic Navamsa under favourable conditions then this Yoga is formed.

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Results of Prakrama Yoga

The word Prakrama means courage or ability to act bravely in a difficult situation. So the native having this Yoga in his or her birth chart possesses great courage and is fearless.

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology the 3rd house in a birth chart represents Prakrama therefore the lord of the 3rd house and the general significator of courage and bravery viz. Mars play a key role in realizing this Yoga.

It has been observed that if this Yoga is under malefic influences the native has tendency to misuse his courage for wrong deeds such as terrorising others.

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Real Life Example

The following is a birth chart and the navamsha chart of a native in whose charts this Yoga is formed.


Mars being the ascendant lord is very well placed in the trine house viz. the 3rd house in Jupiter’s sign. The 3rd lord Saturn receives auspicious aspect of Jupiter.

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The 3rd lord viz. Saturn is exalted in the Libra sign and it occupies benefic sign and house in the navamsha chart


Since Prakrama Yoga is formed in full form the native of this chart was a dare devil.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar