Word “OM” and its Significance

The Word “OM” and its OM Significance

OM Significance: The word OM has its own significance and holds universe in itself. It is in terms a name of God itself.

OM Significance

Maharishi Panini has given different meanings to the word OM which further signifies its importance.

1. The first and the foremost meaning of OM is SARVRAKSHAK i.e. protect all. Where it clarifies that god is friend of everyone and protects all His creatures amazingly which a man can’t even imagine.

2. OM in itself is considered as Gati Pradata meaning speed provider. The universe has planets, sub-planets which are rotating and are progressively moving . There is life in every creature and are moving ahead day by day. This is OM.

3. The third meaning to the word is Kranti i.e. revolution. It encourages for self enhancement, to bring change.

4. Priti Data meaning OM generates the feeling of love in all and so is appreciable.

5. Sarvavyapakta i.e. God is residing in minutest of thing. He is everywhere and is the whole sole creator and defender / protector of all which as fact we all accept as a human and thus believe in Him and take the blessings.

6. Yachniya: is believed to be the provider of all facilities, fame, name .

7. OM also means Sukarma meaning self work / Karma to perform individual duties.

8. Is well wisher for all. It increases the desire to do more and fulfill them and achieve the goals.

9. Tej pradata: provides energy to destroy the enemies and gives strength to fight with them

10. Sarvatra prapata: those who believe in His creation and full faith in Him they always find God with them .

11. Unite with God: The word OM creates a connection between God and His devotees.

12. Teaches all to be non-violent. It provides us energy from Sun, Moon and protects us.

Lord Krishna in Bhagvadgita has preached Arjuna that

Every human being enjoys the facilities of life, completes a lifecycle and chanting the word OM leaves the soul from body comes to me and finally attains moksha. This is the importance of word OM which at the end provides blessings to all.

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