Navratri Remedies

Navratri Remedies

Navratri Remedies to Remove House disturbances and clashes between the Individuals.

Navratri Remedies

1. Remove Conflict: If there are conflicts between both the partners due to differences in opinions then they should recite the below mantra 108 times along with pouring ghee in the fire during Navratri. Even, they can chant this mantra 21 times regularly in the morning while worshipping. If possible then both partners should chant the mantra together.

Navratri Remedies – The mantra is


2. During all nine navratras, one should visit a Laxmi Narayan temple in the evening and offer the prasad of besan laddoos (Yellow Sweets) to God. This will soon overcome the dissimilarity of mind confrontation in between the partners.

3. If there is a conflict of opinion among family members then it is advisable that all family members should go to a sacred place (Teerath Sthal) for the peace and contentment all over.

4. If your partner’s nature is aggressive and most of the time, he / she remains angry and does not give importance to your talks then you should light a lamp (diya) in the roots of a peepal tree on the first Saturday of Navratra.

5. The causes of house unrest (Grah Kalesh) can be destroyed by creating a sound of Shankh and playing / listening of Gayatri mantra at home on the daily basis.

6. If you feel that people from outside are responsible for the conflicts between you and your partner then it is advisable to take a handful of RAI (Mustard Black) in your hand from the day one of Navratra and rotate it from your head and throw the rai in all the directions by facing towards South.

7. After taking bath early in the morning, recite the mantra ‘OM MITRAY NAMAH’ while giving water to Lord Surya in a mug (lota) made of Tamba. As a result of this, all the evils will be removed and a peaceful atmosphere will be created at home among all the family members.

8. If you observe that people are feeling jealousy from your happiness and they have negative wish for you in their mind then put three nazar battoo at the main entrance of the house on the eighth day of Navratra.

9. If you are not living your life happily because of a Mangal Grah Dosh and situation is getting worse day by day, then you should offer sava kilo jalebi (1 KG Plus 1/4 KG) to Lord Hanuman Ji as Prasad or bhog and pray for peaceful life on the first Tuesday of Navratra. Distribute this Prasad to the kids in the next day morning and you should also eat a bit of it.

10. All the family members should pray and perform the Aarti of God together daily in the evening. At the end, they should blow a Shankh because it generates a positive energy and enhance the love and feeling of togetherness among all.

11. If the cause of bad creations is the bad grah (Planets) or a Vaastu Dosh then you should light a guggul and apply it in all the rooms of house in the early morning. In this manner, the bad omen of any ghost / problem from the house will be removed.

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