NAUKASANA (boat pose)




1. Lie down straight on the abdomen with forehead resting on the floor.

2. Keep your feet together and arms extended forward with palms on the floor. While inhaling, raise your arms, head, neck, shoulders, trunk and legs simultaneously as high as possible.

3. Keep your elbows and knees straight. Balance the entire weight of your body on the navel. Maintain this posture as long as possible.

4. While exhaling, bring down your legs, hands and forehead to the ground. Then relax in Makarasana.

Benefits & Precautions:

Naukasana improves the functioning of the lungs, is useful in treating disturbed navel and relieves body stiffness and back pain. It also reduces excess fat from the abdomen. It improves digestion and relieves constipation. Hernia and Ulcer patients should not do this asana.

Naukasana-A brief conclusion

All of you might know that Naukasana is a well known asana in the field and series of yoga exercises. The name of this yoga exercise originated from two words in Sanskrit. “Nauka” means a boat and “asana” means posture in yoga. In this kind of yogic posture you will need to make your body in the shape of a boat. With this help of yoga exercise you can make your abdomen much strong along with the muscles of your back. You might know that this kind of yoga asana will help to make your lungs, liver and pancreas in a good working condition. If you are a diabetes patient then Naukasana will regulate your sugar level. Plus this exercise will also improve the circulation of blood in your body. With the help of this exercise you can keep your health in a perfect condition. It will help you to strengthen your abdomen and spinal system. It will also improve your digestive system.