Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada

Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada

Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada (20000’ Aquarius – 3020’ Pisces) Poorvabhadrapada is taken as the twenty fifth nakshatra among the twenty seven nakshatras which are considered important in Vedic astrology for making calculations from horoscopes. The word Poorvabhadrapada literally translates into the former one who had lucky feet and accordingly many Vedic astrologers associate this nakshatra with fortune and good luck for the native under the strong influence of this nakshatra. Its alternative name is “Purvaproshthapada”, which translates into ‘the former one who possesses the feet of a stool’. Three padas of this Nakshatra fall in Aquarius sign while the fourth one is in Pisces. Hence it is rulrd by two planets- Saturn & Jupiter.

Symbol For Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada

Its main symbol is the ‘front part of a funeral cot’. A funeral cot denotes our exit from the world. In astrology, the sign Pisces, or the 12th house in the chart signifies this exit. Since this asterism begins in the sign of Pisces, it is appropriate that it is ascribed the front legs of the funeral cot. The front part of a normal sleeping bed can also be seen as the symbol of this asterism. Since the 12th house relates to sleep, which can be seen as a temporary form of death, a sleeping bed would also relate to this asterism. It signifies the moment in time when after doing our worldly duties and mingling with friends (Aquarian or 11th house activities, we prepare for retiring to bed in the night.

Professions For Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada

Morticians and all professions relating to death or the death process like Coffin Makers, Cemetary Keepers etc., Surgeons and contemporary Medical Practitioners (basically those who administer poisons as remedies), Fundamentalists, Radicals, Fanatics, Terrorists etc., Horror, Mystery and Sci-Fi Writers, Present day Psychiatrists (who often end up making things worse), The dark side of entertainment industry, The dark side of the ruling elite, Pornographic Industry, Weapon Makers and Users, Occultists dealing with the dark side, Black Magicians, Perpetuators of dark technologies, Leather Industry, Extreme Ascetics involved in self mortification (like the famous Aghoras), Police Departments particularly Homicide Squads, Solders, Metal Industry, All professions involving the use of fire and high temperatures, Those who deal with toxic substances and highly polluting waste products, Environmental Activists, and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Planetary RulerFor Nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada

The planets associated with this nakshatra are Saturn, Jupiter, and Ketu. Jupiter is its main planetary ruler. Saturn is connected to this asterism because of its co ruler ship of Aquarius. Saturn usually relates to the grief and detachment, but Saturn can also give good results if Jupiter is well placed in the chart. A fortified Jupiter is good here, while Ketu can generate detachment in a positive way.

Varahamihira states that “those who have Moon in Purvabhadrapada are good at earning money, are stingy and are liable to place their wealth at the disposal of their partners. They speak distinctly but tend to suffer from grief.

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