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Most Accurate free Libra Horoscope Monthly September 2021. Libra Horoscope Monthly September 2021 provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Libra written by Rob Tillett.

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Libra Horoscope September 2021

Libra General prediction September 2021

Month of September will be average for the natives of Libra, and neither there will be any problem nor very interesting things in the life. This duration will be good for career and work front. For service persons this time will be good, and for businessmen also their business will run smoothly. Education point of view also, this time will be favorable and family atmosphere will be good but you have to be careful from outsiders, who may try to create misunderstanding. Although you will have a good income but you may spend on luxury, which will increase your expenses. For love relations, this time may be difficult.

Libra Profession September 2021

Career point of view, month of September will be favorable for the natives of Libra. Saturn is present in fourth house and is looking towards tenth house, and this shows that service persons may get success, as result of their hard work. Therefore, keep making efforts and hard work, because it is key to your success. Second half of the month will be better than first half of the month, as retrograde Jupiter will move to fourth house, and look towards tenth house along with Saturn. These conditions are more favorable for those natives who are in service, although businessmen will also have good income.

Libra Finance September 2021

Finance point of view, month of September will be favorable for the natives of Libra. Sun and Mars are present in eleventh house, which is the house of income, and this indicates that there will be increase in income, and you will be benefited from new sources of income. If you have business related to government sector, then it will be specially favorable for you in first half of the month. Sun and Mars may provoke you to adopt illegal means, but if things are in your favor, then there is no need to adopt such means. Presence of Mercury and Venus in tenth house may increase your expenses, also there is possibility of arguments with someone, be careful for this.

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Libra Health September 2021

Health point of view, this month will have mixed results for the natives of Libra. First of the month will be comparatively better, but in second half, Sun and Mars and Mercury are in twelfth house, and are looking towards sixth house, which is house of illnesses. Along with this, retrograde Jupiter and Saturn will be in fourth house, and Rahu in eighth house, and all these positions of planets show that you may have health problems in this period. Although Venus is present in its own sign, which will reduce the bad effect of positions of all those planets. There may be problems related to stomach and digestion.

Libra Love and Marriage September 2021

Love relations point of view, this month will have sweet and sour experiences for the natives of Libra. Jupiter is present in fifth house which is good for love matters but Sun and Mars are looking towards it, which may provoke arguments between partners. But due to effect of Jupiter you will sort out all the differences. After 15th September, you will have to be careful, because Jupiter will change its position. Those natives, who want to get married to their partner, second half of the month will be better. But, in second half of the month, there may be few problems in married life, avoid any such clashes and be careful.

Libra Family September 2021

Saturn is present in fourth house, which is house of family happiness, and due to it you will be responsible for your duties towards your family. You may have to go away from family, and family members may have complaints due to it. But, in all, your family life will be happy and peaceful. Presence of Ketu in second house, may cause difference of opinions due to influence of some outsider, and you should be careful for it. It is better to sort out the matter by mutual conversation, and you will be able to establish good coordination between your siblings. You will get opportunity to spend good time with family.

Transit of Venus in Libra – 6 September 2021 | Transit of Mars in Virgo – 6th September 2021

Libra Solutions September 2021

1. Worshipping Lord Vishnu and recital of Vishnu Sahastranam will be beneficial.
2. Daily visiting to temple, and recital of “Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay” will be beneficial.
3. Taking blessings of elders will be beneficial.
4. Lighting a desi ghee lamp and recital of Durga Chalisa will be beneficial.

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