Libra Horoscope Monthly, Libra Horoscope April 2021

Most Accurate free Libra Horoscope Monthly April 2021. Libra Horoscope Monthly April 2021 provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Libra written by Rob Tillett.

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Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Libra General prediction April 2021

Natives of Libra are known for their very good capability and for their cordial behavior, due to this nature they get success and can reach up to a high position. They like to collect beautiful things, because they give importance to beauty. Month of April will have ups and downs in your life. You should set priorities, because this is important for you. You have to focus on your family life, because there are few challenges, waiting for you.

Presence of Rahu and Mars in eighth house, is not favorable for your health. There is a possibility of an accident, you are therefore advised to drive the vehicle very carefully. Presence of Ketu in the second house, has a negative effect, and this may cause hindrance in work. Be careful while talking to anyone. You may have a chance to go to foreign for studies or for your work.

Libra Profession April 2021

Carrier point of view, this month is very good for you. Saturn and Jupiter are looking towards tenth house and therefore you will focus on your job, and work hard to get success. After 6th April Jupiter will make transit to Aquarius, and this shows that, there are possibilities that if you want to change your job, you will succeed in it. This time is very good, for progress of your work, and also for starting a new venture.

If you are a businessman, then starting of the month is not good for you. You are advised, not to start a new work and do not make any investments. After 14th April, Mars will make a transition to the other sun sign, and then you will get good results, and your business will grow slowly. You should be careful from opponents, because they may try to harm your image. You may get involved in a legal case also.

Libra Finance April 2021

Finance point of view, this month is having ups and downs in your life. Presence of Ketu in second house, Venus, Sun and Mercury in sixth house, and Rahu and Mars in eighth house in eighth house, shows that your position in finance will be down. You should think before investing anywhere, because you may get loss instead of profit.

Your expenses will increase tremendously, at this time, and controlling this will be a challenge for you. After 6th April Jupiter will look towards eleventh house, and this shows that there are chances of increase in your income. Then your financial condition will be improved, and after 14th April, Mars will move to eleventh house, and this will further improve your financial condition. Still you have to be careful that your expenses should not go higher than your income.

Libra Health April 2021

First half of the month is not very good, from the health point of view. You should follow a daily routine carefully, and regularize it. Be alert, while driving the vehicle, because there is a possibility of having an accident. There is a possibility that you have to undergo a surgery. Therefore, you have to be extra careful in this period.

Second half of the month is comparatively better, and you will be relaxed from your health problems. In all, this month expects a lot of carefulness from you, from the health point of view, and you should not take any risk, while driving a vehicle. At least first half of the month is very crucial for your health. If you do not take precautions, then you may suffer from any injury or some health issue.

Libra Love and marriage April 2021

Starting of the month is very good for love matters. You may think of getting married to your partner, and may undergo a detailed discussion about it. There may be some hindrance but you will overcome it, and will be with your partner in this crucial time. Married couples will have a challenging time. Planet, which governs seventh house will be in eighth house with Rahu and this may cause to have arguments with in-laws. Your life partner may suffer from some health problems, and may go through the mental tension.

After 14th April, Mars will move to ninth house, and this will reduce your family tension, and you will share a good bond with your partner. You may plan a trip with your life partner. You may have a good conversation with your in-laws, and try to improve your relations with them. This is the need of the time and you should try to normalize the things.

Libra Family April 2021

Ketu will be in second house, in the starting of the month, and Saturn and Jupiter will be in fourth house, this indicates that there may be some conflict, regarding facilities for the family. There may be difference of opinions and this may disturb your coordination. Presence of Saturn and Jupiter in fourth house will make you more social, and you will take interest in the works related to social cause, this will improve your family’s image.

On 6th of April, Jupiter will move to fifth house, and this indicates that, if you are willing to have a child, you may get good news. There may be some occasion of a marriage in the family, and this will make family atmosphere very joyful. Presence of Ketu in second house may cause you to talk badly and this may create tension in the family, You are advised to avoid any such situation.

Libra Remedies April 2021

Reading of Shani Stotra on Saturdays will be beneficial.

Feedin disabled people, will be beneficial.

Donate gram pulse on Thursday.

Reading of Beej Mantra of Lord Shukra will be beneficial.

Feeding wheat flour to cows, will improve your luck.

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