Libra December 2022 Horoscope, Libra Horoscope Monthly

Libra December 2022 horoscope will provide a deep insight on December 2022 planetary changes and its impact on your Libra sign. It will cover work and Career, Money and Finance, health, Love and Marries life and also family life. Libra Horoscope December 2022 provides insight into your complete Month. Truthstar December 2022 Monthly Horoscope on Libra written by Rob Tillett.

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Libra December 2022 Horoscope

Libra General December 2022

Libra December 2022 Horoscope

For the natives of Libra, this month will bring mixed results. You should be more careful about your health, because health problems may trouble you during the month. Finance point of view, this month will be excellent and if you want to go to a foreign country then you will be successful in it. There is the possibility that you may have arguments with any of your close friends, which may be the reason for your mental stress to you. Apart from this, all other fields of your life may have positive as well as negative results during the month.

Libra December horoscope 2022 Work and Career

Career point of view, this month will be excellent for you, as there will be the sight of Saturn, (which is present in the fourth house), in the tenth house. Due to this condition, you will be disciplined and focus on your duties with responsibility. The presence of Jupiter in the sixth house will be helpful to make correct decisions, and therefore, you will be successful in your work area. Businessmen natives will be able to handle challenges very efficiently and will be able to expand their businesses, due to the presence of Rahu in the seventh house. Before making any investment in your business you should be careful.

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Libra December 2022 – Money and Finance

There may be ups and downs in your financial life during the month of December. Mars will be present in the eighth house in retrograde position, and Jupiter (which is in the sixth house) will have sight in the twelfth and second house, which will increase your expenses tremendously. There will be expenses for religious activities and other important tasks, and this may disturb your financial condition. Although, due to the sight of Mars in the second house, you may get sudden unexpected financial benefits. Due to the transition of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the third house, you may have to make extra efforts to make a strong financial condition.

Libra December horoscope 2022 – Health

Health point of view, you have to be very careful during this month, and you are advised to give priority to your health. You should be regular for daily morning walks and exercising, which will be helpful to give strength to your body. Due to the effect of Rahu and Ketu, you may be careless about yourself and this may give rise to health problems. Also, due to the presence of retrograde Mars in the eighth house, you should be careful while driving the vehicles. During this duration, there is the possibility of blood-related health problems troubling you, so, it is better to be cautious.

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Libra December 2022 – Love and Married life

For love matters, this month will be average and due to the presence of Saturn in the fourth house, there may be some problems between you and your partner. On the 3rd of December, Mercury will move to the third house and on the 5th of December, Venus will also move to the third house and will have sight in the ninth house, due to this, obstacles in your love life will be removed. For married natives, there may be problems in their married life, and they may have arguments with their partner. You are advised to be patient and avoid any type of argument with your partner.

Libra December 2022 horoscope – Family Life

Your family life will have ups and downs during the month of December, although, the presence of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in the second house, will be helpful to maintain a positive atmosphere in the family. There is the possibility of a family function in the house and you will enjoy this along with guests and family members. Married natives may have to face problems due to their in-laws, but they are suggested to try to maintain peace and harmony in the family. Due to the presence of Saturn in the fourth house, you may be busy with important work and will not be able to spare time for family.

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Libra December 2022 – Remedies

– Offering kheer made from rice, to young girls on Friday will be beneficial.
– Feeding green grass and spinach to cows on Wednesday will give better results.
– Feed wheat flour to ants on Saturdays and help disabled persons, this will be better.
– Chanting the Beej mantras of Venus will be beneficial.

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