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Most Accurate free Leo Horoscope Monthly January 2021. Leo Horoscope Monthly January 2021 provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Leo written by Rob Tillett.

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Leo Monthly Horoscope January 2021

Leo General prediction January 2021

The fire moon sign of Leo is being ruled by the planet Sun that is the king of all the planets. Similar to the planet Sun the persons born under this sign are born rulers. Since birth these people have the quality of leadership. These persons are courageous, strong will powered and royal in manners and behavior. These people do not get terrified of anything. The people of Leo moon sign have a generous heart and they have the art of coming out of adverse conditions and troubles. Their personality is very cheerful and attractive. Besides this these people are very loyal. These people like to become the center of attraction of any party or function. Besides this they have a very big group of friends.

Leo Job and Career January 2021

From career point of view this time will be a bit boring for you. You may think of changing your job or profession. You might feel to get sucked or obstructed in any milestone of your life. Due to this reason you may think of giving some new direction to your life. During the 3rd week of January the planet Sun will transit in the 6th house that is the house of serving others. Due to this reason you will get desired change in your work and may be cheerful towards a good opportunity. The business persons of this moon sign may not feel happy and satisfied with their profession. Due to this reason you are being advised to keep trust in your hard work and think about some new plans to get out of these current troubles.

Leo Finance January 2021

From money and finance point of view this month of January 2021 will be full of ups and downs. You will certainly get income due to completing some previous tasks. But during this time your new projects might get obstructed. Planet Mercury the owner of 10th and 11th house will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope during the 2nd week of this month. During the 1st week of January you will get success in paying pack your loans and borrowed money. You may start some new projects yet you may not get any income from them during this time. In such conditions you should meet your expenses with your saved money. Yet the persons related with this moon sign may get favorable conditions in their job. This is because you might get a chance of promotion, salary increment or some new job opportunity.

Leo Health January 2021

The persons of Leo moon sign may face some ups and downs during the month of January 2021. Those people who were in the clutches of some disease since long they may get some good news after making some positive improvement in their lifestyle and eating drinking habits. You will come out of your diseases with the help of immunity power and resistance against illness. Yet you may feel yourself strong from mental health point of view. Even then you may have to face some diseases due to transit of planet Saturn and Jupiter in the 6th house. Both of them are the owners of 6th house and 8th house respectively in your horoscope.

Leo Love and marriage January 2021

When we discuss about your love and married life then we will see that this time of January 2021 will be having ups and downs in this concern. During this time you may have quarrels and arguments etc with your partner. Due to this reason there may be bitterness in your relationship. There might be misunderstanding in your relations if you and your partner do not talk clearly with one other. You may even feel that your life partner is hiding something from you and might be even cheating you. The solution to these problems is that you should give some time to your relationship. Whatever misunderstanding is there between you and your partner just try to remove it.

Leo Family January 2021

The month of January 2021 will bring you happiness in your family life. This is because some kind of celebration might take place on account of any engagement, marriage or pregnancy of any female family member. The presence of planet Ketu in the 4th house of your horoscope indicates that during this time you may change your home. You may shift to a new home or might go to a new place. Even your job might become the cause of changing your home. You will spend a happy time with your family and friends. During this time you may go on a journey related to your job. Though this journey will be an official one yet you might take your family on it. Here all of you will spend a good quality time.

Leo Remedies January 2021

Chant the Gayatri mantra daily for 108 times. Offer water daily to planet Sun mixed with jaggery. Pay respects to your father and other elders in your family. Take their blessings every morning by touching their feet. Feed jaggery to cow on Sunday. Keep a fast on Sunday.

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