Mercury retrograde in Virgo 10th September 2022

General introduction

Mercury will become retrograde in Virgo (on 10th September 2022). It is going to affect every native. Mercury will retrograde in Virgo on 10th September 2022, Saturday at 8:42 am, and after that on 2nd October 2022, on Sunday, Mercury will start its path in Virgo, after which they will transit from Virgo to Libra on 26 October 2022, Wednesday. The planet Mercury changes its zodiac in its path in about 24 days. That is, it takes 24 days for Mercury to move from one zodiac to another. Its affects the behavior, speech, and intellect of the person. Lets know how this mercury retrograde is going to impact zodiac signs.

Impact on Aries – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

There can be health-related problems. Your enemies at the workplace will also be seen trying to harm you continuously. Do not trust anyone quickly and blindly. At the same time, Aries will also have to make more efforts to improve your relationship. Employed people thinking of any kind of change in their job will get favorable results. Take care of your health, otherwise you may suffer from depression, skin-related problems etc. Eat balanced food and only homemade food. The time is good for judges and people doing business. Students will give good performance in their education.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables and fruits on Wednesday. Also, if possible, feed green fodder to the cow.

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Impact on Taurus – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Taurus will be seen improving your relationship with your loved ones during this period. Dispute with family members will be resolved. Your economic condition will be good and you will be able to increase your bank balance. Avoid investing your money in any illegal activity or shortcut to earn quick money. There can be a dispute between the loving natives with their beloved. Don`t bring negative thoughts in your mind about your partner, and have faith in them. Avoid getting into an argument with your partner. Married natives may get a child as a blessing. Students will do good in their education.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha regularly and offer him laddoos.

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Impact on Gemini – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

The effect of Mercury will be very auspicious for Gemini natives. You will get an opportunity to attract others towards you while improving your image in society. In family life too, you will get a chance to spend time with your family members and strengthen your relationship. People who are thinking of building or renovating their house will get success. Many people can also make plans to go on a journey at this time. There will be a possibility of getting stressed due to some problems at the workplace. Students will have a mixed time. The support of your teachers and parents will be with you.

Remedy: Always keep a green handkerchief in your pocket or purse.

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Impact on Cancer – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Cancer, The position of Mercury will affect your communication and your life, and you will need to be more careful while talking to others. Business people in the workplace will need to read every document properly while making any deal. Avoid sharing your strategy with others and blindly trusting anyone. Some natives will also see differences with their boss and senior officers due to speech defects. There is going to be trouble in your relations with siblings. Mercury will increase the number of your friends. Avoid traveling long distances if it is not necessary.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to the cow regularly.

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Impact on Leo – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Leo, You will likely get mixed results. There can be a disturbance in your family life. This period will also be unfavorable in terms of economic life. Avoid taking any kind of money on credit now. Make the right budget plan and avoid spending your money on unnecessary things. Investing in property, etc. will also be unfavorable for you. Business people who are making some new plans regarding their business will get success. Investments will give you benefit. Employed people will have to be careful while interacting with any worker at the workplace. The period will be suitable for the students of this zodiac.

Remedy: Worshiping Bal Gopal regularly will be beneficial for you.

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Impact on Virgo – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Virgo, The retrograde of Mercury will give you opportunities for success in your career. In personal life, too, you will be seen improving your image while creating a different identity for yourself. However, your enemies will remain active during this time and will constantly try to harm you. Married people will have to avoid arguing with their spouse otherwise, your relationship may get spoiled. For those who are associated with the advertising or media sector, chances are that the period will be more favorable. Students will get good results, especially those who are taking the education of media or journalism.

Remedy: Chant the mantras related to the planet Mercury 108 times.

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Impact on Libra – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Libra, This retrograde phase of Mercury will bring negative changes in your life. There may also be an increase in anger in you. Take special care of your speech, and do not say anything to anyone that hurts their feelings. However, you will be able to complete your long pending work at the workplace with dedication and hard work. Don’t share your strategy with anyone. In personal life, too, showing your understanding, you will need to take every decision with wisdom and advice from elders. Arguments are possible with your father. You must avoid spending more money while curbing your unnecessary expenses from the beginning.

Remedy: Donate green clothes to eunuchs.

Impact on Scorpio – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Scorpio, There will be an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the family, and due to this, you will be seen spending most of your time with your family members. Your brothers and sisters will also support you. If you look at the financial side, you will get mixed results in it. It is possible for you to earn income from more than one source of income. You meet many new people. Those who are associated with the marketing sector are getting signs of getting benefits. Take care of your health. Eat only home-cooked food and take a balanced diet.

Remedy: Before doing any work, take the blessings of your parents.

Impact on Sagittarius – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Sagittarius, You will get benefits at the workplace, and your hard work will also be highly appreciated at the workplace. Even if you do business, this time will be auspicious for you. In terms of family life, the people who were facing difficulty in making any major decision related to their family, their problems will be overcome, and they will be successful in making every decision. People who have been looking for a good partner for themselves for a long time, their search is likely to be completed. The time will be slightly unfavorable for married people.

Remedy: Paint the walls of your room green.

Impact on Capricorn – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Capricorn, You will get favorable results. There will be immense success, especially in work related to all legal matters. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Avoid doing any travel right now, otherwise, you may suffer loss. Talking about students, Mercury will make chances of getting success for the people pursuing higher education. The people working in the government sector will get good results. They are likely to get a promotion or transfer as per their wish. If we talk about business people, then those related to property, land etc. will get an opportunity to make good money.

Remedy: Wear green clothes on Wednesday.

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Impact on Aquarius – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Aquarius, Mercury will affect your relationship, financial life, and love relationship with your children the most. There may also be a situation of separation in the relationship of many natives with their parents. However, despite this, family members will be seen supporting you. You will feel a lack of self-confidence. You will need to take a good and deep sleep. Give rest to your body. Avoid investing any money. Keep yourself away from illegal activities and applying for a loan in a bank. Loving natives will have to talk calmly and patiently with their beloved. Students who are associated with research will get success.

Remedy: Offer green durva to Lord Shiva.

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Impact on Pisces – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Pisces, Businessmen who are associated with the business of partnership will get a loss. Be careful while doing business in collaboration or in partnership-based business. Talking about love affairs, the married life of married people will be somewhat tense. There will be a dispute between you and your partner. Try to solve it through conversation with your partner. Many natives will be able to meet their family members due to completing some program in their family. Time may remain unfavorable for the students of this zodiac. Your financial side will be strong at this time.

Remedy: Read and listen to mythological stories related to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations.

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