Mercury Retrograde in Aries – April 23, 2023

Mercury retrograde in Aries – Mercury sets in Aries (23 April 2023): Planet Mercury, the factor of intelligence, will set in Aries on 23 April 2023 at 11.58 pm.

Mercury is an important planet in Vedic astrology, ruling intelligence and logic, and is feminine in nature. It governs the third and sixth houses in the horoscope. When in favorable positions like Gemini and Virgo, it brings positive results, especially in business and betting.

However, during its retrograde in Aries, both positive and negative effects may arise. To avoid negative effects, read on for information on the impacts on each of the 12 zodiac signs and ways to counteract any negative influences.

Mercury retrograde in Aries

Importance of Mercury in Astrology

Strong Mercury in one’s horoscope leads to good health, sharp intelligence, high success, and increased knowledge. It also enhances business skills and performance, and may lead to success in occult sciences like astrology.

Significance of Mercury setting in astrology

Mercury represents intelligence, communication skills and reasoning ability. When it’s unfavorably positioned, it may cause insecurity, lack of concentration and weak thinking ability. Asta is a process that weakens planets except for Rahu/Ketu when they come close to the Sun within 10 degrees. Mercury’s setting in Aries may cause low energy, headaches, eye irritation and nervous system issues for Aries natives. Jupiter and Rahu’s presence may also reduce confidence and inclination towards spirituality.

Mercury retrograde in Aries 2023: Zodiac wise horoscope and remedies

Let us move ahead in this sequence and know about the effects of Mercury setting in Aries on all the 12 zodiac signs of the zodiac. Along with this, we will know, the surefire ways to avoid their effects.


Aries people will experience success and may set high standards for themselves during Mercury’s transit in their first house. Career-wise, they may see progress and better job opportunities. Businesspeople can benefit greatly. Financially, they may earn more than expected but may need to take a loan to fulfill family responsibilities. In love and married life, they will adopt a frank attitude and set high standards. Health-wise, they may face ups and downs and need to be vigilant about food and lifestyle. There may be problems in interacting with others and business partnerships may face difficulties due to Mercury’s aspect on the 7th house.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ 19 times daily.


For Taurus people, During Mercury retrograde in Aries, your expenses may increase and you may have differences with family members. Career growth may be stagnant and financial loss may occur. Love life may have arguments and lack of coordination. Health problems such as toothache and digestive issues may arise.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ 11 times daily.


Mercury in the eleventh house is favorable for Gemini but obstacles may arise. Career-wise, success will require hard work during Mercury retrograde in Aries. Business owners should change strategies to stay competitive. Financial satisfaction may be elusive and relationships may face difficulties. Health may fluctuate, causing back pain and tension. Fulfilling desires and expectations for children may be challenging.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” 21 times daily.


Mercury’s setting in your tenth house is not good for progress. Opportunities may slip away and some may lose their job or consider changing jobs. Your career may face challenges and salary demands may not be met. Business owners need to plan carefully to avoid losses and broken contacts. Financially, there may not be significant increases in income or savings. Love life may face misunderstandings and your health may be somewhat weak, possibly with a skin problem. Your mother’s health may also be affected, requiring expenses.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Chandraya Namah” 11 times daily.


Leo people, Mercury in Aries in your ninth house may not favor you, and luck may not support your desires. Your career may see increased pressure and mistakes, and appreciation may not come despite hard work. Business may face tough competition and financial condition may be unfavorable with increased expenses and possible loss of money during long-distance travel. Love life may face challenges with communication and health may face problems related to the eyes and increased expenses. Obstacles may arise in progress and trouble with siblings may occur due to Mercury’s aspect on the third house.

Remedy: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily.


Mercury is the lord of Virgo’s 1st and 10th house, and will set in their 8th house during retrograde. While this may bring increased honor and prestige at work, there may also be a feeling of dissatisfaction in career and lack of luck. Business owners may face tough competition and possible losses. Expenses may increase, making it difficult to save. Love life may suffer due to lack of time and coordination. Health may also be a concern, particularly with toothache due to infection. Efforts will be needed to reconcile tensions between job and family.

Remedy: On Wednesday, perform Yagya/Havan for the planet Mercury.


For Libra natives, Mercury in Aries sets in your seventh house. Expect average results, possible loss of money, and differences with close friends. Career changes may occur due to retrograde Mercury, with transfers and job opportunities abroad. Business decisions should be made with caution, and partnerships may face difficulties. Be careful with saving money. Love life may have arguments and lack of communication. Pay attention to health, as headaches and nervous system issues may arise. Unwanted journeys may occur, but job opportunities to improve living standards may arise.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Shri Durgaya Namah” 11 times daily.


Mercury’s transit in Aries will not be favorable for Scorpio natives. They may face obstacles and delays in receiving benefits, and tough competition may make it difficult to take the right decisions. Career-wise, there may be an increase in pressure and lack of recognition. Business owners may face tough competition, and finances may suffer. Relationships may face misunderstandings and health issues related to skin and appetite may arise. Mercury’s aspect on the twelfth house may cause severe headaches and weight loss.

Remedy: Chant “Om Bhaumaya Namah” 27 times daily.


Mercury’s retrograde in your fifth house may affect your productivity in your career, so it’s important to work systematically. Businessmen may face challenges and stiff competition, leading to losses. Expenses may increase, causing financial concerns. Relationships may suffer from a lack of coordination and lead to arguments with your spouse. Health issues related to the nervous system and loss of appetite may arise, and you may need to spend money on your partner’s health. However, you may benefit from family functions and religious activities.

Remedy: Worship Lord Jupiter on Thursday.


Mercury retrograde in Aries will bring average results for Capricorn natives in career and business due to increased pressure and competition. Expenses may rise, and monetary gains may be less likely. Love life may be affected by family disputes, and health problems related to stress or nervous system may arise. However, positive career results may be seen due to increased focus on work.

Remedy: Perform Yagya/Havan for Hanuman ji on Saturday.


Aquarius: Mercury will set in your third house, representing courage and self-development. Natives in jobs may progress well during retrograde. Business owners may find opportunities to profit and compete. Expenses may increase, possibly requiring loans. Love life may suffer, and eye problems may arise. Luck may not be on your side, causing missed opportunities and setbacks.

Remedy: Chant “Om Hanumate Namah” daily.


Pisces: Mercury is moving to your second house, which is about family and personal life. Career-wise, it may be average, and you may not get appreciated or advance easily. Business may struggle to expand and face tough competition. Financially, it may be challenging to benefit from outsourcing or foreign sources and save much. Love life may lack coordination and lead to unhappiness. Health may have ups and downs, with decreased immunity and eye irritation. Mercury’s aspect on the eighth house may create unrest and increase family expenses.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Guruve Namah” 21 times daily.