Mars transit in Cancer – 10 May 2023

Mars transit in Cancer – Starting from May 10, 2023 at 13:44 pm & ending on July 1st, 2023 at 1:2023 a.m., Mars will transit into Cancer from Gemini, which is governed by Mercury as well as the Moon. Although Mars is considered to be debilitated in Cancer, this transit carries significant importance as it can enhance courage & strength in your personal life. Mars is a planet that magnifies life energy, enabling individuals to accomplish tasks with full power & Vigor, symbolizing bravery & determination. Aries and Scorpio are the zodiac signs ruled by Mars, with Capricorn as its exaltation sign and Cancer as its debilitation sign.

Adapting to the influence of Mars is crucial in human life, as failure to do so can lead to many problems. A strong & improperly positioned Mars can turn a person into a criminal, whereas a strong individual with a well-placed Mars can become a valuable recruit in the army, ready to serve their country. With a strengthened Mars, success can be achieved in matters related to land, & benefits such as properties and houses can be obtained.

Mars transit in Cancer

Let’s explore what the Mars transit in Cancer can bring for different Zodiac Signs:


Aries natives will experience the transit of Mars in Cancer in their 4th house, resulting in some favourable results. In case there were any problems with your spouse, they may be resolved during this time. Your income will also increase, but it is advisable to avoid arguments with anyone. If you are employed, the transit of Mars can probably enhance your performance at work. However, it is crucial to take care of your parents’ health, as they may face some health problems during this transit. It is essential to channel your energy into productive work & avoid wasting time on unnecessary activities. If you desire to buy a new vehicle, it is visible that it may be fulfilled, but it is crucial to wait for the right time to make the purchase.

Remedy: Hold a seamless silver shield firmly in your hand.


During the Mars transit in Cancer, it will occur in your 3rd house, which governs communication & relationships with siblings. You must be aware of their health & take necessary precautions. It is essential to avoid unnecessary disputes in the workplace and also try not to overdo anything, as it may cause harm. During this transit, your courage & confidence levels will increase, and you will make efforts to overcome any hurdles posed by your opponents. Your respect in society will also increase, especially among those working in social sectors. There may be opportunities for short-distance travel, which will be beneficial for you.

Remedy: Deliver Four bananas to Hanuman Ji on every Tuesday.


During the Mars transit in Cancer, Gemini natives must be cautious as it will take place in their 2nd house, which governs speech & communication. You must select your words carefully as speaking harshly to others can cause them to hold grudges against you, leading to increased stress in relationships & negative consequences in your workplace. Avoid being overly aggressive as it can also cause problems among family members. Instead, try spending some time alone to focus on developing your willpower.

Remedy: Donate red sandalwood on every Tuesday.


Mars is the planet that governs yoga for Cancer natives & is currently transiting in their 1st house, which is the weakest position for Mars. At this transit, there may be a decline in your overall health, and you must take extra care in order to avoid any health-related problems, such as Anemia or blood pressure issues. Your temperament may also be affected, causing an increase in anger that may harm you in the long run. Therefore, it is crucial for you to avoid impulsive decisions & actions that you may later regret. Be cautious when communicating with your spouse in order to prevent unnecessary arguments & an increase in stress-levels.

Remedy: Make Jaggery & black-sesame laddoos and then feed the same to the cow.


Mars is the planet that is currently transiting for the individuals born under the sign of Leo. As Mars moves into your 12th house, it may be possible to fulfil your dream of studying abroad. The transit of Mars in Cancer could deliver the opportunity for you to pursue your education overseas. However, this period may also bring increased stress to your married life, causing a decrease in intimacy as well as an increase in issues. Additionally, there may be a continuous rise in expenses that could affect your financial condition. If you are currently dealing with a legal case or dispute, the verdict may be in your favor during this transit.

Remedy: Feed jaggery & chana to children on every Tuesday.


During the transit of Mars in Cancer, Virgo natives will probably experience an increase in intensity in their love-relationships, and their financial issues will disappear, thus leading to the fulfilment of their wishes. But, some issues may arise in their marital-life, as tension between them as well as their spouse becomes more apparent. They probably required to take care to address these problems. Your expenses will decrease, and probably you will achieve a lot during this important transit period.

Remedy: Go to Shri Hanuman Ji temple and give Chola to him.


For those born in Libra, Mars will transit into their 10th house. This positioning will make them even stronger in your workplace, but they should avoid conflicts with others. Unnecessary fighting can lead to losses, so it’s crucial for you to strike a perfect balance between personal as well as professional life and somehow avoid any pointless debate. Although their workload may increase & they may be assigned a new position, their rights will also levelled-up. However, this transit may generate stress in romantic relationships.

Remedy: Donate red lentils on every Tuesday.


During this transit, Mars will move into your 9th house, which may cause prolonged fatigue and potentially lead to travel. Additionally, there may be some worries between you & your father, so it’s crucial for you to make some confined effort in order to maintain a positive relationship with your family members. Neglecting your health at this time could possibly be harmful, so it’s crucial for you to take care of yourself. You may also experience a sudden job change or even a transfer, at this time it is very crucial for you to handle your relationships with your siblings carefully. For students in the higher education, it’s crucial to avoid rushing & instead focusing on your academics. Economically, this transit will have a moderate impact.

Remedy: Recite Sundarkand on every Tuesday.


Sagittarius natives should exercise caution as Mars moves into their 8th house, as accidents are possible while driving. Tension as well as arguments with your in-laws may also arise during this transit. Mars’ impact on married life can lead to increased stress with certain health problems. Financially, there may be some sort of issues, but unexpected gains & long-pending ancestral property may come your way. Apart from that, misunderstandings may arise with your loved ones, and your father’s health may also be a concern.

Remedy: You Should chant a Beej Mantra of Shri Mangal Devata.


Because of Mars’ transit in the 7th house, Capricorn natives may experience certain level of increment in stress in their married life. Your spouse’s behaviour may become aggressive, thus leading to worries between you two. Therefore, it is advised to approach the situation calmly as well as find a solution together. Also, it is essential for you to control your own anger as well. There may be opportunities for progress in business, but be mindful of not spoiling your relationship with your business-partner. At work, the situation will be in your favour, and you will achieve extraordinary results. Students should pay full attention to their academics & avoid distractions.

Remedy: Recite Bajrang Ban on every Tuesday.


Mars will enter Aquarius natives’ 6th house, indicating that it may become their enemy. But, with determination & hard work, they can overcome any obstacle & also defeat their opponents with great ease. Your performance at work will be absolutely remarkable, and may receive recognition & appreciation for your efforts. While expenses may rise, your financial situation will remain somewhat stable. Your family life will be normal, but there could be a dispute with your maternal relatives. It is advisable to avoid any incorrect associations. They may feel the need to embark on business trips to expand their horizons.

Remedy: On Tuesday, consider planting a pomegranate plant in your garden or park.


During the transit of Mars in Cancer, Pisces natives can expect it to affect their 5th house, leading to increased tension in love-relationships. It is important for you to handle any conflicts with care, as they could potentially break the relationship in case it is left unaddressed. Students may face some challenges in their academics & risk losing focus on the crucial topics, resulting in the potential losses. Married couples may experience some sort of worries in regards to their children. However, financially, this transit may bring some good news, with the possibility of an upgrade in income & even a job change. Apart from that, there may be opportunities in order to study abroad.

Remedy: Visit a Shiva temple on Tuesday & then make an offering of wheat on Shivling.