Mandukasana; Yoga Posture for Curing Diabetes

The article describes a Yoga posture for Diabetes cure. November 14th is the International Diabetes Day.


As per the International Diabetes Federation the estimated worldwide figure for people suffering from diabetes in the year 2015 was 415 million. Out of this about 44.3 million were in North America and Caribbean only.

Caution: In case you are suffering from abdominal injuries, any kind of back pain, knee injury etc. then do not perform this asana. In case of knee injury avoid this. It is better to take advice of your doctor.

How to perform Mandukasana

Step 1: Sit in Vajarasana keeping your back, neck and head in a straight upright position.Breathe normally.


Step 2: Place left palm over your navel and place the right palm over the left palm. Press your hands against your abdomen.

Step 3: While exhaling bend forward touching your head to the ground as much as easily posible. Hold this position for atleast 10 seconds and then while inhaling return to position of step 1. Repeat the exercise three times.


Benefits of Mandukasana

Activates the pancreas to produce more insulin for curing diabetes
Cures general stomach functioning
Increases flexibility of thighs and legs
Reduces extra fat from thighs and hips
Cures pain in ankles, knees and back

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar