Make Your Day Auspicious

Any moment which holds seeds of success is auspicious for a person. By grasping this truth and living it, you can make every moment of your each day auspicious …?


It is a time proven fact, or you may say a law of nature, that you attract what you are. If you are good, positive and promising then you attract situations and objects which are good, positive and promising or in other words auspicious.

It is not what you say, but what you think and feel comprises your true core personality. Do not be under a false impression that your thoughts are secret until you reveal them. Whatever you think is reflected instantly in the colors of your Aura, which is an electromagnetic field around your physical body.


It is true that human Aura can be seen only by those who have clairvoyance ability, but it is also true that your thoughts good or bad are instantly radiated all around you. Your thoughts akin to their quality create an environment of ease or difficulty and become instrumental in your success or failure.

Suppose you have gone to an influential person or your trusted friend for some kind of support or help, but for some reasons best known to you only, you are radiating signals of distrust, hatred and selfishness. Such signals subconsciously discourage that person from helping you. You may blame that person, but in fact you are yourself creating an obstacle. So it boils down to the key factor; your thoughts.

Your Thoughts can Make Your Day Auspicious

So we need to agree that our thoughts hold seeds of success. In the words of James Allen “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

Here is a three point formula to develop good thoughts and to radiate good thoughts through daily meditation.

(1) As you wake up in the morning sit in any comfortable posture and slowly repeat the following prayer three times. While saying (mentally or loudly) the prayers focus your attention on each word. This prayer is from T. Lobsang Rampa’s book.


Let me this day, living my life day by day in the manner
prescribed, control and direct my imagination.

Let me this day, living my life day by day in the manner
prescribed, control my desires and my thoughts that I be
purified thereby.

Let me this day, and all days, keep my imagination and
my thoughts directed firmly upon the task which has to be
accomplished, that success may come thereby.

I will at all times live my life day by day, controlling
imagination and thought.

(2) Twice daily preferably in the morning and evening sit comfortably with calm mind. While you breathe normally just focus your attention on watching your breath. In no way modify your breath, only watch it. Gradually your breath will become calm and shallow. If in between inhalation and expiration you experience a gap when breath neither goes in nor goes out, just watch and enjoy that breathlessness state.

With practice these gaps of breathlessness will increase and you will have a rare key to all round success.

(3) In the morning after taking bath sit in any comfortable posture. Light an incense stick. Close your eyes and radiate thoughts of love, harmony and happiness to all.

With regular practice you will be able to turn your each day into an auspicious day.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar