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Taurus Taurus Love Compatibility

This can be a match made in heaven and therefore they can have an everlasting relationship. Taureans get together, both provide and expect total dedication. Because of this, a Taurus-Taurus pair may be more possessive about each other than most of the people. Nothing disappoints these lovers more than perfidy, luckily both partners are so loyal to each other that their relationship tend to be very reliable, dishonesty is rarity. People of this zodiac are powerhouse of energy and they can just continue making love day and night and the day after. They are sensitive and enjoy being pampered. Emotional security is very important to them, but when this is guaranteed these partners can be as degenerate and indulgent as they please.

Taurus is an Earth Sign. Taurus is a Fixed Sign. In a Taurus-Taurus combination, both partners persevere when working toward their goals — and both stand by their opinions as if it’s a matter of life or death. They generally shy away from change, preferring life to be stable, steady and predictable. Once these two make up their minds that the relationship is a good one, they will devote themselves to each other. But if they have differing ideas, they may find themselves in a never-ending battle of wills. If they understand they’re working together toward a common goal, then anything will be possible for this pair.

Their unbelievable loyalty to each other and their devotion to continue the romance — no matter how long-term the relationship is. Their mutual love of amorousness and ease makes theirs a highly devoted and long-lasting relationship.

Taurus Man and Taurus woman compatibility

The horoscope uniting both man and woman of this sign promises a silent union based on mutual admiration and love. The marriage of two Taurus individuals is guarded by the Earth element, multiplied by two. This is a stable and buoyant sign that gives the marriage every chance to be a happy one.

Energy and excitement comes naturally to these two, and they are not very ornamental in their mutual admiration for one another. That does not mean that sex is not an all-consuming experience for them. Their five senses are more than sufficient for providing a fulfilling sex life and a deeper emotional element slowly work its way into the bedroom with time. They are both as driven outside of the bedroom as they are inside of it, and are well-equipped to satisfy each other’s’ needs.

Generally the Taurus share a very warm relationship with each other where love is given and received without question. They associate their compassion with all the pleasures and happiness of world with no complications to be faced. But they both are quite stubborn and they both also suffer from lack of reason due to this any argument between them can take serious turns even leading to breakup of their wonderful unison.

Besides all the upheavals the Taurus man and woman relationship is one which certainly stands the test of time. Where other, gaudier couples burn out after a few years, these two will still have enough fire burning between them which will see them through the years.