Lord Krishna Emancipated on the day of Amavasya

It is also said that Lord Krishna took His final emancipation on Amavasya day only.


Amavasya comes every month, but some Amavasyas have special significance. These are Somvati Amavasya, Main Amavasya, Bhanu Amavasya and Shani Amavasya.

Auspicious Deeds Are Avoided on Amavasya Day

It is a general norm that, commencement of any auspicious deed is avoided on Amavasya day. But in Tamil Nadu state, this Tithi is considered auspicious and best to start any auspicious function. Thus, the native of Southern states start any auspicious deed on this day only. They call Amavasya day as New Moon day. Tantriks perform many kinds of tantrik sadhanas on Amavasya day specially if that ‘Amavasya’ falls on Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday.

Saturn Sadesati

Saturn transits in one rashi for a longer time than any other planet. It stays for two and half years in one Rashi. When Saturn Transits in twelfths house of one’s rashi, it is the arrival time of Saturn’s saadesaati which ends when Saturn’s transits in third house from the rashi. This means, Saturn’s transit in last and next to rashi is called Sadesati. Saturn signifies poverty and weakness. That is the reason, the native suffer for a longer time in life in the hands of Saturn.

Apart from Shani Sadesati, a period of two and half years which is called Shani adhaiya or Laghu Panauti or Lagun Kalyani, when Saturn transits in fourth and eight house from birth rashi, the native comes in the influence of Shani dhaiya. To know the onset of Shani dhaiya, add 90 degrees and three rashi or 210 degrees Jeevenrashi in the Longitude of Natal Moon. The sum total of this addition is the beginning time of Saturn dhaiya. When Saturn completes the sum total of Moon longitude and 120 degrees or 240 degrees the native’s dhaiya comes to an end.

Results of Saturn’s Dhaiya

If dhaiya is caused due to Saturn’s transit in fourth house from the Moon rashi, then native faces disgrace, disrespect in the society, family discord, defeat in court case, transfer, change of residence, disfavor from the seniors/ government, unnecessary expenditure and physical distress etc inauspicious results during that period. If dhaiya is caused due to Saturn’s transit in eight house from natal Moon, in that case native faces Painful death, deaths of life partner or loss of wealth, accident, addiction in bad habits, decrease in benefits, non-co-operation from the family, etc inauspicious results during that period.