Let Colors Heal your Body, Mind and Soul

Let Colors Heal your Body, Mind and Soul

Colors – Strategic use of different colours in our environment can heal us. Each colour has certain vibration properties which can either aggravate or calm down our mind. Using this knowledge we can benefit.


The visible part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum consists of seven colours. If a prism is placed in between the incident natural light and a screen then the light splits into its constituent seven colours, which are, starting from the lower end of the spectrum as follows: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

Each colour is a light of different wavelength or frequency and numerous colours shades and hues can be created by mixing these colours in different ratios. Bring Colour to your Life

Colors affect our Emotions and the Senses …

Certain color may calm-down, energize or create balance depending on its intrinsic properties and our mood. Colors can be an effective and powerful therapy in balancing the mind body and emotions.

Color Healing Therapy can be used in different ways …

1. For Meditation and visualization with the help of colors

2. By wearing colors on our body in the form of clothes to create certain moods

3. By using colors in different areas of a home to calm-down, energize or stimulate mental and physical
responses by being in those areas.

4. By eating foods of various natural colors

Let us see how we can utilize different Colors? …

1. Red color is very beneficial for the body in winters. This color keeps the body warm. Keep open the windows and doors of South direction in the house as it helps to store Red color in sufficient amount naturally. Red color cures the wounds very fast, but it is very dangerous for a mad person. Red color is a boon for mentally-retarded or undeveloped and those who are affected by inferiority complex. The excess of Red color is harmful also and may result in boils, insomnia, wounds etc. It may cause high blood pressure also so a balance is required.

Use Colours to Balance Your Mind and Body

2. Those rooms should be painted Red where mobility and stimulation is highly required like – Gymnasium, Dancing room, Bedroom of newly married etc.

3. If a residential place is devoid of Red color it may cause many diseases like – cold, cough, fever, mental retardation, urinary problems, madness, menstrual problems in woman, breathing troubles and stones in Gall bladder etc. To cure all these diseases, Red color and Orange color should be used in a balanced way.

4. Orange color increases appetite. It cures asthma, disordersof respiratory system, cramps, and tightening of abdomen etc. A picture of rising Sun in the drawing room or in Verandah may provide ample amount of Orange color. A glass of Orange juice should be consumed everyday by the students.

5. Yellow color helps to cure stomach& intestine problems. The balanced use of this color removes constipation and diseases of the muscles. This color helps in the energy balancing in the body. Obesity or cough problems are cured by Yellow rays. The affected person should wear Yellow color gemstone in the index finger.

6. The use of Yellow color is best in the room of migraine affected person. This colour cools down the veins in the brain.

7. Green color gives relaxation to brain veins. It removes tensions and mental worries. The lack of this color causes mental diseases such as hysteria and nervous troubles. Green color therapy is best for mental disoriented or a mad person. To enhance the Green color in the body, one must wear emerald in silver ring in the little finger.

Deficiency of blue color in the body may cause deafness& other ear related diseases. Blue color has the property to cool down the strained or highly stimulated veins of a mad person. The bed room should be painted blue for good sleep especially in summer season.

8. Blue color therapy removes the madness immediately. Blue color clothes give relief from hysteria. Blue color clothes keep the body cool in summer season.

9. Deficiency of blue color in the body may cause impotency, infertility, uterus problems, lack of sperms, diseases of private body parts, urinary problems, venereal diseases like syphilis and other sexual problems like premature ejaculation etc.

To avoid the occurrence of all such diseases, sky color should be used in daily life like on the bed sheets, towel, dresses, pillow-covers and other items.

Sky color works like nectar for diabetic patients. Use this color in any form to avoid Hernia, general weakness, drug addiction, hydrocele, early aging etc. Those who have sex related phobias should use this color as much as possible.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar