Know your Directions: The Importance of South


By D.K. Narang In Vaastu, importance is given to the four corner where the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) meet, namely, North – East, North-West, South – East and South – West. Out of all these four corners, South – West corner of your plot is probably the most critical one. As you probably know, there are 5 elements in Vaastu – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. The South – West direction, also known as ‘nairutya kone’, represents the Earth elements.

South – West is a dry zone. It should not be kept wet. No activities related to water should be done in this corner of the plot.

But the most critical aspect of the South – West corner of the South – West corner is its level. The level of the South – West corner should never be lower than the other corners of the plot. It can be at the same level as the others or it can be kept higher for a better effect.

Any kind of depression existing in the South – West corner can cause negative effects. In this corner of the plot no borewell, swimming pool, manhole, septic tank, underground water tank etc are allowed. Depression of all kinds should exist only in the Northern and Eastern directions.

It is most essential to take care that no underground water tank is situated in the South – West corner. It is seen that this is the most critical flaw in Vaastu that people make while constructing a house. Even if one follows exactly what Vaastu advises while building the house, but, makes this major mistake in the South – West corner, the positive effect of Vaastu in the entire house gets disturbed.

During the construction period also, the level of the South – West corner should never be lowered in comparison to the other corners through activities like boring or digging. In case it become absolutely necessary to dig in this corner, one should always be already with constructional materials. The moment the digging is over, fill it with these materials and raise it to the original level.

I have come across many incidences when those who start boring in South – West corner, get into trouble almost immediately. So, one should always consider this critical aspect and check the direction of the plot before boring or digging.

Due to such defects in the South – West corner, one can have negative effects represented by the 3 Ds: Disharmony, Delay and Debts. Such negative effects can cause Disharmony between family members particularly between father and son or husband and wife. One will also suffer Delays in all activities, for instance , in auspicious ceremonies in the house , in planning or in implementation of the plans. An another negative effect is debts. People will be in debts or losses. They will have to spend money from their savings and thus suffer money loss.

So, be very careful while planning and constructing in your plot. Always, check the directions accurately and make sure that in the South – West corner, no mistakes, as mentioned earlier, are allowed. This will keep you away from the negative effects in the South – West corner and will ensure a happy and peaceful environment in your house.