Key Remedies for Success in Profession

Here are some key remedies for all Sun Signs which if followed are likely to remove obstacles and bless with greater success in profession.

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There is no doubt that the planet Jupiter plays an important role in giving success to a person. It is observed in practice that for all round and long lasting professional success and recognition of achievements in addition to Jupiter the role of the Sun cannot be ignored.
However for all Sun signs there are some key remedies or suggested actions which if followed remove all obstacles and accelerate success in one’s profession.

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Your Sun Sign

Suggested Key Remedies


Exercise self-control while dealing with your seniors. Donate some turmeric and uncooked rice for nineconsecutive Thursday.


Let not your ego and adamant nature spoil the show. Donate black clothing or a blanket to a poor person on a Saturday.


If possible add variety to your work. Throw in a river some iron nails and charcoal pieces tied in a black cloth on a Saturday.


Avoid blindly trusting your friends and acquaintances. Feed bread and milk to a black stray dog on four consecutive Saturdays.


Exercise patience at work. Recite this mantra at any time on Fridays for at least 108 times in one sitting: "Om shumshukraayenamah"


Devote your full potential wholeheartedly to your work. Wear a thick bracelet of pure copper.


For greater stability in your profession recite the Gayatri mantra every day at any time for at least 108 times in one sitting, AumBhurBhuvahSwah, Tat SaviturVarenyam, BhargoDevasyaDhimahi, DhiyoYo Nah Prachodayat”


Avoid reacting impulsively to remarks from your boss or seniors. Wear natural pearl in a silver ring in your little finger.


For a smooth and struggle-free career recite the mantra, "om brim brahspataayenamaha"on Thursdays. Recite at least 108 times in one sitting.


Whenever you face or foresee any work related problem donate one or more out of the following items: Items made of iron, mustard oil, black blanket, leather goods


Learn to work in a team. Donate silver, fresh milk, white clothes to a needy person on Mondays till you overcome difficulties at work,


Ask for challenging work instead of routine work. In order to stabilize your career recite the Gayatri mantra every day at any time for at least 108 times in one sitting, “AumBhurBhuvahSwah, Tat SaviturVarenyam, BhargoDevasyaDhimahi, DhiyoYo Nah Prachodayat”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar