John Lennon; Musical Genius who founded “Beatles”

The musical genius and founder of the famous “Beatles” group had a troubled life because of Rahu falling in the Nakshatra (Constellation) of Moon.


Famed singer-songwriter John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, during a German air raid in World War II.Lennon’s parents separated when he was only four years old, so he ended up living with his Aunt Mimi. Lennon’s father was a merchant seaman; therefore he used to remain mostly away from home.

Lennon’s mother, Julia, remarried, but kept visitingher young son Lennon and Mimi regularly. It was his own mother who taught Lennon how to play the banjo and the piano and also she gave Lennon his first guitar.

Rahu gave him Extreme Mental Pain …

john lennon

Lennon was distressed when Julia was killed in a road accident in July 1958. Her death was one of the most traumatic events in his life. At that time Lennon was runningthe sub-sub-period of Saturn in the sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Rahu (Ra/Ra/Sa). As per his horoscope his Rahu falls in the constellation Hasta governed by Rahu’s enemy Moon. His 12th lord Saturn falls in the constellation of 3rd and 8th lord Venus.

Due to Rahu falling in Moon’s constellation and involvement of the 12th lord Saturn Lennon was truly shaken by his mother’s early death.

Rahu gave him a short lived First Marriage …

Lennon married Cynthia Powell in August 1962 during the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Rahu (Ra/Sa). Rahu in his birth chart occupies the 7th house of marriage.

He got divorced in 1968 during the sub-period of Ketu in the main period of Rahu (Ra/Ke).

Assassination of John Lennon …

On December 8, 1980, he was killed by a crazed fan named Mark David Chapman. At that time John was running the sub-sub-period of Sun in the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Jupiter (Ju/Me/ Su).

His Jupiter falls in the constellation of the 8th lord Venus. The 8th house indicates death. In his birth chart Mercury falls in the constellation of Rahu and Mercury occupies the 8th house of death. The Sun in his chart is the lord of the 6th house of troubles. His Mars falls in the constellation of the Sun and because of this he had a violent death.

And Lennon’s untimely death even today evokes deep sadness among his millions of fans around the globe.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar