How ‘Jara Yoga’ Of Astrology Threatened Marriage

Jara Yoga – *A Real Life Case Study of insatiable Sexual Desires*

Jara Yoga

The couple had to go outside the marital bond in order to satisfy their insatiable sexual hunger.

This interesting article analysis, a real life case study of the birth chart of a native, to highlight how a Vedic Astrology Yoga called ‘Jara Yoga’ landed him with a life partner of equally insatiable sexual appetite.

The unique feature is that both decided to keep intact their marital bond, but had an amazing agreement to let lose each other in search of sexual fulfilments outside. What an agreement?

Are you astonished read on to peep through the window of astrology?

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A Potent ‘Jara Yoga’ was the causal Force

Usually the Jara Yoga of Vedic astrology is believed to form in a birth chart if the lords of the 2nd, 7th and 10th houses occupy the 10th house.


But the author of this article has observed in some birth charts that the same Yoga may be equally potent when formed with slightly different orientations.

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In the following real life birth chart the planet governing the 7th and 10th houses viz. Mercury is in conjunction with the 6th and 11th lord Venus. The 10th house is under malefic aspect of the 2nd lord Saturn which also aspects the 7th house of marriage. Venus signifies sexual desires and love affairs.

So the 2nd, 7th and 10th lords are involved and thus Jara Yoga in slightly altered form is active. So due to this the native of this chart, a married male, could not be sexually satisfied with his wife and had extra marital affairs.

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The 7th house is occupied by Rahu and is under aspect of Saturn. In addition to this the 7th lord Mercury is in conjunction with Venus and the Sun in the 10th house. Thus the spouse of the native represented by the 7th house also went outside marriage to have sexual affairs.

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Probably it was due to the exalted nature of Rahu and Jupiter that they had a unique agreement to stay in marital bond, but give full freedom to each other for adultery.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar
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