J.Jayalalithaa; Finest Wealth Sweeping Actress in Politician’s Garb

J.Jayalalithaa; Finest Wealth Sweeping Actress in Politician’s Garb

Jayalalithaa : One of the ‘day-light smart magicians’ who have uncanny art of looting the tax-payers and still get their support for years till their bad Karma overtakes and dethrones them.


What an act, anyone with pure heart just wonders what and who supports such mischievous persons? Before we delve into the birth chart of this charming queen of silver screen turned politician, let us try to answer the burning question, “Who supports them?”

The answer is that at present the world is passing through the negative period of the Macro Time Cycle (MTC) and the negative forces called Satan or Shaitaan controls the world.

In the present worldwide scenario of negative Macro Time Cycle (MTC), one gets respect, popularity and authority through ability to amass wealth irrespective of the means one may use to do so.

A Peep into Her Birth Chart

Jayalalithaa Birth Chart

In politics, the combination of beauty and intelligence is very rare but Jayalalithaa is a perfect combination of the two. She is beautiful as well as knowledgeable. For beauty and mesmerising charm her exalted ascendant lord Venus in the 11th house of accomplishments is aspected by retrograde Mars. The retrograde Mars deprives her of righteous means of earning.

Her intelligence is also bent on accomplishing through wrong means because of retrograde Mercury in the house of her actions.

It is said that Jayalalithaa was the first heroine to appear in skirts in Tamil films. Again aspect of retrograde Mars on Venus gave her boldness to do so.

Her troubles as a politician started way back in 1996 during her sub and main periods of Rahu which is posited in the 12th house in her chart.

She has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment on 27th September 2014, while she is running the sub and main periods of Jupiter. As per her chart Jupiter is a functional malefic as it owns the 8th and 11th houses. Jupiter falls in the Nakshatra of Ketu which is in the 6th house of troubles and litigation. Jupiter as the 8th lord has brought her downfall with a sudden shock to her supporters.

As per her stars it does not seem probable that she gets any relief from the high court. Well it will also depend on the astrological nature of the exact time at which her case is heard in the high court.

The author and the site have no ill-will towards any one so we pray that the Justice of the land prevails. We have a very good and reliable judicial system and must respect it.

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