Is it Destiny Fate or Luck

Destiny Fate or Luck

Time is an ever moving stream of life. No one can stand still; things are changing all the time. It is a fact that the perception of time is relative, in happier moments we find the time flying by, passing so quickly. But when facing gloom or bad times the same ‘time’ seems to stand still, moving so slowly like a snail.

There are moments in our lives, when we face the puzzling eternal question; Is it Destiny, Fate or Luck?

As a first step in an attempt to solve this mystery let us look closely at each of this puzzling trio.

The Oxford English dictionary defines these three as follows:

Luck: Good or bad things that happen by chance
Destiny: The events that will happen to a person in the future
Fate: The development of events outside a person’s control regarded as ‘decided in advance by a supernatural power.’

We have underlined the key words of the each definition. Luck is supposed to visit one by chance. The destiny emphasis on certainty; ‘Will happen’ and Fate is something decided in advance by nature. So what is left? Are we so helpless? No, life is not so fatalistic.

Moment of Great Truth …

The truth is that our lives are a mixture of the above Trio. But there is a subtle flaw in each of these definitions.

The in-depth study and research conducted by ‘The Truth Star’ helps in correcting the perceptions about the above definitions as follows:

Luck: Good or bad things that can happen in one’s life. We believe that a lot of bad happenings, indicated as probabilities in one’s birth chart can be avoided or toned down by preventive remedial measures. We also offer Personalised Birth Chart Weaknesses Report with Remedies .

Destiny: The events that have weak or strong probabilities to happen. So these are only probabilities and by expert manipulations and remedial measures can be averted to a greater extent.

Fate: The development of events outside a person’s conscious control (That means still controllable sub-consciously) and decided by one’s over-self or higher self before incarnating into the body in order to have desired experiences in a particular life. We believe that powerful mantras and other remedial measures can even alter favourably the Karmic Patterns existing at sub-conscious level.

So it emerges that things and events are no longer ‘fatalistic’ rather a lot is controllable or changeable. But the million dollar question is ‘how’. It is here where our experts can be of real help. The research conducted by our knowledgeable experts have enabled us to design Personalised Enhance Your Luck Report service. You have to try to see what tremendous positive change you can bring into your life at such a meagre cost. Remember your life is priceless! So it is worth trying.

Article by Pawan Kumar