International Country Predictions 2016


Gemini is the birth horoscope for Pakistan. And Since Saturn is located in sixth house it is bringing rebelliousness in people living in this country. The kind of planetary arrangement over the country currently suggests that the country is once again headed for a split and a division seems eminent. If we look at the lunar impact the strength of Jupiter is marginalized and the country this will bring a threatening impact on country’s unity and integrity. As of now Pakistan is cast with malefic aspect of Venus having the Saturn retrograde on it leading the country to hopelessness and miserywhich may result in civil war like situation in the country and may ultimately lead to division of the country. In times to come even the Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan may not be a part of Pakistan. In future there may be revolt in Sindh province as well. The present government of Pakistan will become weaker before the Saturn moves to Sagittarius zodiac and by 2017 it will pose as a threat for the ruling class of Pakistan. Pakistan will face a severe crisis because the ruling class, the Taliban and the Military will start fighting each other.

United States of America

America which falls under the influence of Gemini horoscope also gets influenced by the same. Right now the country is moving through a tough time this is because of the malefic aspect of Mars. Starting January, 2016 Saturn will also cast its malefic aspect over this country which will continue till March, 2017. The decision taken during this period will lead to sowing the seed for extravagance and dis-satisfaction. This year America may experience three national disasters and could face allegations of violating international treaties as well. Starting 2017 America will start experiencing the tough times and the first phase of this could be pretty disastrous as well. American citizens will stand to be divided on the policies and frameworks used by the ruling government in the year 2016 itself. America may lose a degree of support from other countries as well and there are chances that America may experience yet another financial crisis. The balance of power will slowly start to fade out. America has enjoyed the good times during the Saturn and Mercury retrograde. But during the tough times when it is suffering with the malefic aspect of Mars and Rahu America and Americans will stand with their might during the tough times. This will be crucial time when they have to avoid any war or war like situation.


France is in the grip of fear and pain as of now. French would like to take a revenge on the terrorist who brought mayhem in their country. France has acted on the same and destroyed many areas which were under the control of ISIS. Birth horoscope for France is Scorpio and as of now it is cast with malefic aspect of Saturn. The Lunar sign for France is Virgo. It is the impact of planetary changes of late which has brought about a change in international relations with this country. It further indicates that the country will see a rise in rebels who would stand for the cause of nationalism and France would act more aggressively to protect their citizens and work for the cause of their security. This kind of planetary position will continue till May 2017. Saturn would start reversing by the last week of March and once this phase starts America, France and Britain will work together to hit the ISIS with all their might. As of now Saturn is travelling on its birth horoscope and ketu is keeping an eye on the same. However; this planetary arrangement will not create any impact on the unity and integrity of the country. By summers they will achieve a grand success in their mission. At the business front France is going to be in a good position and will be able to crack a big export deal as well. There will be growth in their GDP and the ruling class despite their weakness will not lose their popularity. France will play a very important role in formulating an international treaty.


Russia is cast with the malefic aspect of Venus with mercury retrograde on it. This is considered inauspicious and will bring negative results for the country. Budget deficit will continue to grow during this period. There will be financial imbalances. And they can end up getting some export deals as well. As of now there is a feeling of aggression mixed with nationalism. As of now Russia will act in a big way on terrorist and terrorist groups and will also be successful in their mission. However; this will be against the will of countries like America and France. Certain province of Russia can experience terrorist activities. Russia is in a way in cold war with some countries. There are a couple of years left before Russia could have favorable planets and reach its potential but till then Russia would be engaged in some sort of activity which will cause ill will with the western nations. In times to come Russia is again set to become one of the most powerful nations of the world.


Germany is cast with the impact of Venus and Ketu and this will continue till October, 2016. After this period Germany will come under the influence of Sun. From a historical viewpoint Germany was under the influence of Sun and Venus when an emperor like Bismarck helped in uniting the divided country in to one. Germany similarly is entering in to Sun’s zone and this marks a prosperous time but during the current period Venus is under the influence of Ketu and this points towards some big problems in times to come. Government of Germany will take some very good decisions which will prove to be a boon for the economy. They may also be signing a couple of international treaties as well which will bring big gains for Germany. Some crucial development which is currently being worked out in Germany will become popular in the world. The strategic ties between India and Germany will improve. They will work along with America and France against the terrorist outfits because there will be a wakeup call for the government because the German voice for the government would be to act against the terrorist outfits. This is during this year that Germany will start their journey towards prosperity and growth once again.


China’s birth horoscope is cancer and currently it is under the malefic aspect of Saturn with moon’s retrograde and this planetary position will continue till February 2016. This phase is considered as a prominent phase which may lead to financial instability and natural disasters for the country. After February China would come under the influence Mars and this will continue for the entire year. During this tenure China will regain its power. The ruling class will become more powerful. During this period the ruling class would become more powerful. During this period China will adopt with aggressive strategies against the western nations. Currently people of china are highly dis-satisfied. But its impact will be visible only after the summers of 2016. Before this happens china will be able to control the growth rate and will spend a huge sum of money according to some of the obligations of the international treaties and will work against the western powers. As of now both Saturn and Rahu is casting a beneficial aspect on the country and this will bring natural disasters like earthquakes and floods in the country.


Iran is going through the influence of Venus with Rahu’s retrograde on it and this will continue till October, 2017. Under such planetary arrangements there will be financial losses. There will be incidents which will cause problems for the ruling class. Iran will once again get involved in a task which will be against the will of the America and other western nations. Iran will stop getting financial aid from certain countries but they would start receiving aid from their new allies. Business ties between Iran and India will improve.


Japan’s birth horoscope is supposed to be Libra. For people and country falling under this horoscope will not be a good time for finances. There can be an adverse impact on the output and profit and Japan may be left behind in the area of international exports and import. Since Japan is not at good terms with China the relationship would further deteriorate and things would become known to other nations as well. The relationship between India and Japan will improve and they would have a big understanding between themselves this year. Japan would get interested investing more in India.


Srilanka’s birth horoscope is Leo. And currently it is under the beneficial aspect of Rahu with retrograde of Jupiter. During this planetary arrangement Srilanka would see improvement in their growth and will move towards prosperity. Srilanka will receive more cooperation of India. The military might of Srilanka will also grow during this period. This year will be a peaceful year for Srilanka and they will receive huge amount of financial aid and grants from different countries and international organizations. There will be relief in the border issues which were a major concern. China’s continuous attempt to get closer to the Srilanka would fail as Srilanka would keep themselves away from China. The last three month of this year may see some terrorists moving to the Srilankan soil and some of them will even get caught in this act.


Turkey is under the influence of Venus with Saturn retrograde in it which will continue to have its impact till March of 2016. After this period it will come under the influence of Mercury. During this period there will be melancholy among people as they will suffer the consequences of international strategic ties. Turkey will suffer because of the ongoing power struggle between America and Russia. In both the world wars Turkey played some role or the other and this time again it has brought down a Russian fighter jet which Russia is unhappy about and would like to take a revenge as well. This is tough period for Turkey. However; after March there will be growth and prosperity in the country. They will receive international help but issues related to international borders etc. would become a cause of concern. Russia will never forgive Turkey for its act and will be on the lookout to take revenge during this year. The first quarter will be filled with challenges for Turkey. On the domestic front Turkey will do well on trade and business front and the ruling class will gain popularity as well.