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Virgo 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

This year should be a better one as compared to the last. Saturn will be placed in the third aspect from the birth horoscope for the whole year and this will bring favorable results for you. Towards the end of the year Jupiter will bring some relief because of its position. Once again Rahu and Ketu will move to the twelfth and the sixth house respectively which is not very favorable for you. However, the placement of Saturn in an auspicious position will not allow the impact of the negative planets to gain intensity.

From health angle this is going to be a favorable one for you. People who are suffering from problems of blood pressure etc. need to be more careful. This is because you will be more sensitive to problems related to neurology this year. You need to be careful against ailments which spreads through viruses. Neglecting any of these problems can bring severe consequences for you. You should always consult the specialist and should take a second opinion as well.

From financial angle this year is going to be a favorable and result bearing year for you. Unnecessary expenditure and fluctuations in income can pose as difficult times for you. But comparatively this year would be a better one compared to the last.

This is favorable and positive year for people who are employed or are in service. There are chances of promotion. Besides that you will have good rapport with people who are in power and authority. Getting a good position will also help you to have more power and authority. You are likely to get recognized and rewarded as well. There are chances of transfer especially in the month of April, May, August and September.

This is a good year for people who are in trade and business. Your business will get the required momentum and you will get relief from the slowdown of the last year. You will also have chances of investment as well. You will get returns from your investment made in the past. You will have better profit margins as well.

Socially and family wise this will be a favorable year for you. You will have the opportunity of conducting auspicious and religious events at home. You will be more actively engaged in the religious activities. People who are looking forward to get married will also get the good news. You will better social status and reputation.

This is a good time for students as well. You will have good results both at studies and exams. People who are appearing in competitive exams will get good news this year.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. You should wear diamond, blue Saphire or emerald stones or there substitutes.

2. You should wear rudraksh which has eight and nine openings as a locket on Monday or any other auspicious day.

3. You should chant the mantras as much as you can and these mantras are OM BriBrihaspateynamah, and OM kemketveynamah.

4. You should pray to Lord Ganesh, shiva and Goddess Durga.

5. Recite Vishnushastranamstrotam.

6. You should have a spiritual guru and should have their blessings as well.

7. You should offer water to Tulsi and banana plant.

8. You should also feed the dog.