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Gemini 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

This year should be better than the last year comparatively for you. Saturn placed in the sixth house from your horoscope is likely to have an auspicious impact for you. Rahu in the third house is also favorable for you. Jupiter in the third house will be favorable and auspicious for you. Whereas Jupiter in the fourth house is likely to bring average results for you. Mars in the sixth house during the initial period of the year is likely to favorable for you. However the Mars shifting to the seventh and the eighth house during the later part is likely to bring favorable results for you in some areas.

From health perspective this will be good year for you compared to the last year. You will be in good health during this year. You may suffer because of some seasonal flu and changes. You are likely to meet with an accident during the end of the year. Besides this you may suffer from some diseases which may happen in your lower half.

From financial angle this year should be better than the last year for you. There are chances of borrowing money during this period. Your financial position may get impacted during the last part of the year. There are chances of unexpected expenditure and losses as well. There are chances of increase in income during the mid-months of the year.

For people who are employed or in service is likely to have this one as a good year. There are chances of promotion during the mid-months of the year. There are chances of increase in income or you getting a good job as well. You will have good relations with your seniors and your performance will be par excellence.

From business angle this year will bring better results for you comparatively. There will be opportunities of business expansion and investment as well. You should stay away from investment which has high risk propositions attached to it. Besides these you can face problems because of uncalled for expenditures and sudden losses. Despite all these problems this year will be better than the last year for you.

This is a good and favorable year from social or family angle. You will have enhanced social powers and prestige in the society. You will be more active in religious and charitable activities.

This is a going to be a better year for the students compared to the last. You will continue with your education as planned you will be able to give your best during exams as well. February and March will not be a good time for you.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. You should offer water to the sun god at sunrise.

2. You should wear diamond and emerald stones or there substitutes.

3. You need to wear Rudraksh which has three and nine mouthed opening.

4. You should chant the mantras like OM aungAngarkayenamah, and OM kemketveynamah.

5. You should recite the MahaMritunajay mantra.

6. You should pray to lord shiva and Goddess Durga.

7. If possible you should visit the temple and offer water to shiva-linga.

8. You should offer chapattis to stray dogs.

9. You should have a spiritual guru and take as much blessing as possible from them.