Healing with Sun rays

Healing with Sun rays

Healing with Sun rays – Our ancient wise very well understood the healing effect of Sun’s rays. But gradually this knowledge got obscured due to ignorance. The same is now revived and people around the world are much benefited by this method.

Healing with Sun rays

Healing with Sun rays: We all know that the Sun is the source of life and without Sun life will cease to exist.

Sunlight is composed of the main seven colors of the spectrum viz. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. This can be easily demonstrated by passing light through a prism.

Each color is a light of different wavelength and numerous colors shades and hues can be created by mixing these colors in different ratios.

Under this system of therapy colored glass bottles are used. Water kept in a colored bottle when kept in sunlight absorbs that particular color ray in the water.

It is better to use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. If you are keeping different colored bottles under the sun, then keep each away from others so that no shadow of different color falls on any bottle.

First of all, clean the bottle from inside as well as outside and fill it with clean water. Leave the bottle from morning till evening under direct sunlight. When water droplets appear along the neck of the bottle from inside then that indicates that the water is ready. Then keep that water in a dark place and give to the patient half to three teaspoons full of energized water at intervals of 3 hours depending upon the age and severity of problem.

Energize water in different color bottles for various ailments as listed below:

House of Birth ChartThe direction it represents
ColorSuitable for Ailments
RedCures inflammation due to cold, use it for massaging the body particularly to cure asthma.
OrangeCures fever due to phlegm in the chest
YellowCures ailments of Stomach such as inflammation, pain, constipation, worms etc.
GreenCures skin diseases
BlueCures fevers, Diarrhea, cough, headaches, urine related problems
IndigoCures Dry cough, pneumonia
VioletCures Asthma

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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