Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Narendra Modi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 64th Birth anniversary falls on 17th September 2014.Let’s pray for his long life and necessary support he needs in order to build a strong and prosperous India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I believe it was the result of the prayers of India’s masses for a positive change that the benevolent God has sent the saviour Narendra Modi for the rescue of a sinking ship called India.

By the first 100 days of his governance he has proved that he is a hard task master with ability to heal deep wounds of our country caused by 67 years of bad governance.

May this true son of India live long and enjoy many happy returns of the day!

Yes indeed, as his stars promise, he will be able to steer India towards becoming a real super power in the new world order, which is in the process now.

The only worry is the negative forces present inside the vague boundaries of BJP. Let us estimate the probabilities of his success in overcoming these negative forces.


His main favourable planets are the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter and Mars. Mars placed in its own sign in the ascendant gives strength of character and force of perseverance and persuasion. His luck lord the Moon is debilitated so he may feel irritated and disturbed due to drag caused by the negative forces present within and without.

Let us summarize in the following table his success probabilities under various sub-periods in his main period of the Moon.

Dasha running From To His Success Probabilities in overcoming the drag caused by the negative forces
Main period/
Moon/Rahu 18/04/2013 22/10/2014 80%
Moon/Jupiter 22/10/2014 17/02/2016 90%
Moon/Saturn 17/02/2016 21/09/2017 80%
Moon/Mercury 21/09/2017 17/02/2019 60%

“I will make such a wonderful India,
All Americans will stand in a queue for getting visa of India!”
– Narendra Modi

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