Effect of Mars Transit in Libra – 10 November 2019

Mars Transit in Libra – Mars is an important planet in the solar system that is considered to be an army commander in astrology. It is a violent planet that rules over war. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. It is believed that Mars is exalted in the zodiac sign Capricorn and debilitated in the zodiac sign of cancer. Mars provides you with energy and power to overcome enemies and problems. It increases your courage and valor. Natives become fearless and strong when Mars is in a good placement in the horoscope. It gives the power to complete the works given to you. Mars grants you leadership qualities and life energy.

Mars in libra

Mars Transit in Libra – 10 November 2019

How weak Mars in Horoscope affects you

Physical problems and diseases occur due to weak Mars in the horoscope. It can lead to blood disorders. Women can have irregular menstruation. Weak mar in Kundli is the cause of injury and accident. It makes you timid and weak. People who don’t have good mars are cowards and are unable to speak in front of others and face them. It reduces the chances of achieving success in life. If you have mars placed in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house in the horoscope, it is a very positive sign and auspicious. Placement of mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses is not good and this creates a Manglik Dosha in the life of the native. If there is Manglik dosha in the horoscope, it puts a negative life on marriage and relationship with spouse

Mars Transit In Libra 2019

The planet Mars signifies your marriage and bond with your life partner. It is transiting in the sign Libra on 10 November 2019. It will be in Libra till 25 December 2019. The transit will affect all zodiac signs in a positive or negative way as per the placement of the planet.

Check out how the transit of mars will affect you. See the predictions according to your moon sign.


Mars will transit in your 7th house in Libra. This is the house of marriage, husband or wife, and partners in general in any sphere. The transit of Mars in Libra will create difficulties in marriage, with the partner or spouse getting irritated and annoyed with you. There will be arguments between husband and wife on insignificant and small issues. Your partner’s behaviour towards you will see a marked change. They might get angry and dominating with you. Try not to increase the partner’s anger especially till this transit is over. There will be fights between business partners also. If you want to prosper in business, you should maintain peace and have a good relationship with the partner. Health problems especially stomach disorders might affect you. Improve eating habits and take a healthy diet. Your mind will be stressed during this period.
Remedy – Do Shiv pooja and offer wheat to Lord Shiva.


Mars will enter Libra in the 6th house in your horoscope that represents enemies, adversaries, jobs, diseases, immunity, legal fights, and pain. The transit of Mars this time is positive for you. Opponents and adversaries will be defeated and afraid of you. Legal fights in the court will give judgment in your favor. Job and work will be successful. You will get benefits according to the amount of hard work you do. Motivation to finish work will increase and you will achieve your goals. Prolonged and persistent personal problems will be solved and you will move towards the path of progress. The transit is very good for students, who will emerge winner in studies and competitive exams. However, despite the good things in life, the transit is negative for health. You need to pay attention to health. Expenses are going to increase and you may need to spend money.
Remedy – Distribute pomegranates in poor people. You can also give it to a temple.


The transit of Mars is occurring in the 5th house for Gemini natives that represent children, education, romance, love relations, creative abilities, and intelligence. Gemini’s can expect the Mars transit to be slightly negative and disappointing. Opponents may cause trouble so be careful of them. You will lose peace due to diseases and health problems that affect your children. Take care of the kids. Be brave and face adversity face to face instead of avoiding it. Profits from gambling and shares will be there. Invest after great care and consideration. Be careful during betting. If possible, do not indulge in betting and gambling. Avoid speaking to family members, friends or anyone else harshly. Speak sweetly and do not be bitter with others. Expenses might rise. Avoid spending money on things you don’t need. Creative ability will be affected negatively. Students might have difficulty in studies. Be patient and calm in education matters.
Remedy – Give red dal to poor old age women of your mother’s age


This time, Mars transit will happen in your 4th house. The house stands for mother, property, vehicles, and how popular you are. There will be both positive and negative events during the transit. The transit puts an impact on your relationship with your mother. Your mother may suffer from poor health or a difference in opinion may lead to arguments, disputes, and fights with your mother. The married life of Cancer natives might see negativity due to fights and arguments. Family members might differ from each other and separate. You can suffer from health problems like fever, high BP, and digestion problems. You should avoid arguing and fighting with other people at this time. Lead a calm and peaceful life until the transit is over. A job change is in store for you leading to promotion and boost. The spouse will have a salary increase and promotion. They will be applauded for good performance in the office.
Remedy – Do Shiv pooja and offer a prasad of gur or jaggery to Him.


Mars in Libra transit affects your 3rd house. It is a house of younger brother-sister, will power, courage, passion, valour, curiosity, and energy. The transit is good for you. It will grant you a boon of good health and materialistic gains. The spouse and kids will give love and make you happy. You get a raise in salary at the office. Buying new clothes is in store for you. However, transit is not so good for siblings who will face problems in their life. Journeys will give good results. Seniors will favor you. Gains from the government will be there. Arguments with office mates and colleagues will occur but it will not be negative or harmful for the career. The defeat of adversaries and opponents is destined. Strong will power and positive thinking lead to great progress. Positive use of energy will help in fighting challenges and becoming a winner in life.
Remedy – Do a recitation of Hanuman Chalisa every day.


For Virgo people, Mars transit occurs in 2nd house. It puts an impact on family, money, job, speech, and children who are in primary school. With this transit, the speech will become bitter and harsh. You are advised to talk to people sweetly and politely. Problems will occur in the job. You might argue in the office with seniors. Take care not to offend the boss and seniors. Avoid getting angry. The transit brings big gains for you in terms of money and wealth. You will have arguments with family. Avoid this situation and remain calm. It is better to admit to the mistakes you have done. Family members will be with you and cooperate when you are in a problem. Health problems might occur in the family.
Remedy – Do a donation of red garments and flowers.


Mars is entering the first house in this transit. The house represents your own self. The transit increases rudeness in your behaviour. Your speech becomes harsh and bitter. Agitation over insignificant and small issues will happen. Due to this, people will get angry with you. They will be offended and harbor negative feelings towards you. Avoid becoming dominating with others. Stress will increase due to fights and arguments in personal relationships. Worry will be there due to diseases affecting your mother. Achieving professional progress will require a lot of effort and hard work. You need to work hard in the office. Be very careful while driving a car or any other vehicle or it will lead to accidents. Avoid driving after taking alcohol and intoxicants. Do not indulge in fights. Avoid anger. Doing meditation will prove to be good.
Remedy – Do donation of lal Chandan or red sandalwood every Tuesday.


The transit of mars is occurring on your 12th house. It is a house of expenses, profits, buying things, moksha, and traveling abroad. The transit will increase problems in marriage. Your behavior and attitude will offend and anger your spouse. Avoid arguing with spouse and maintain a peaceful, calm, and harmonious relation with them. Spending too much money will cause financial difficulties in your life. Avoid buying things you don’t need. Make an effort to save money. Make plans to go abroad and visit a foreign country. Have hope when problems spring up. Hardships and difficulties will be resolved with hard work. Diseases like jaundice and ulcer might affect you. Anxiety, worrying, and restlessness will lead to sleeplessness. Be careful during this transit. Avoid injury.
Remedy – Recite the mantra Om bhaum bhaumaya namah


Mars in Libra will impact your 11th house. It is a house of income, elder siblings, and friendships. The transit is highly positive for you. Legal cases and fights in the court will give a favorable judgment. Due to your increased confidence, opponents will be defeated and you will win victory over them. The company of friends will be favorable and you get happiness from friends. Efforts on different fronts will be successful and the transit brings a gain of social success. Better prospects in business will be there. Mars in Libra makes you happy. Fights will be there with a lover. Having a happy time with the life partner or spouse increases marital happiness. Profits from abroad are destined for you. Loans will be returned. Health will be good.
Remedy – Recite the mantra Om am amgarakaya nama


The transit is happening in the 10th house for Capricorns. It is a house of father, profession, ambition, and politics. Gains in profession and career will be there. Reaching the top of the profession will lead to great progress. You will get promoted in your office due to the work you do. The transit leads to a rise in your capabilities and intellectual powers. The benefits of a big project, work with more authority and responsibility makes you happy. Avoid fights in the office. Do not indulge in office politics. Pay attention to work. Increased work will leave you with no time for family. It might cause a problem in personal relationships with family members. The life partner may feel you are not giving attention to them. Real estate transactions and property deals will be finalized and signed by you.
Remedy – Give wheat in a goshala or a cow house every Tuesday.


Mars transit is happening in the 9th house for you. It is a house of luck, mentor, religion, and travel. The transit will give both positive and negative results. A change of job and location will be there. Income sources will increase. Students will get benefit if they form a fruitful and positive relationship with their teachers and mentors. The business will be average. Extra efforts and working sincerely will be needed to get profit in business. You will do good acts that will increase reputation, status, and position in society. You will get economic stability, progress, and prosperity. Be careful while talking to siblings and avoid fights with office mates and siblings. Do not give an impulsive reaction to anything. Aquarians will visit a religious place. Your life partner will get benefits. Spouse will get progress in profession and job.
Remedy – Give gur or jaggery to a cow to eat.


Mars transit is in the 8th house of Pisceans. It is a house of longevity, obstacles, accidents, and lifespan. The transit brings you success only when you work hard. Health problems might occur. Avoid oily, fatty, and spicy foods. Take care to prevent accidents and undergoing surgery. Protect from injury and blood diseases. Difficulties will be there in the job. This will cause unhappiness. Stress will increase due to the poor economic condition. Avoid sudden and unnecessary travel. You will argue and fight with people of your in-laws family. It is advised to be careful of this and be calm in this situation. Siblings will face problems. Try to help your siblings. On the other hand, happiness will be there due to sudden benefits.
Remedy – Do Hanuman Pooja and offer him sindoor or red vermilion.