Cure Vaastu Defects without Demolition

It’s a mistaken belief that demolishing the existing structure or part of it is the only way to cure Vaastu defects. The ill effects of Vaastu defects can be fully or partly removed by strategically using some devices and techniques.


Why demolish when a number of remedial measures exist for curing Vaastu related defects or Doshas in residential or commercial structures.

It is important that all new structures are built in compliance with the Vaastu principles. But Vaastu defects in existing structures need to be minutely studied by experts and cured through tactical utilization of some devices and techniques such as; Mirrors, Chimes Lighting, Plants, Pyramids, Yantras- mantras, Vaastu Crystals, Rudraksha beads, Vaastu energy plate, Landscaping.

Demolition should be considered only if either the structure is haunted or falling apart due to age.

The above devices and techniques are briefly described one by one:

1. Mirrors: Special mirrors for Vaastu use are available such as the one shown here. A mirror helps in enlarging any restricted or tight area and thus covers any defect.

If there is a Vaastu defect (Dosha) in the northeast direction then fixing a mirror there can alleviate the defect.


A mirror fitted inside a shop, restaurant and hotel not only adds to the beauty of the place it helps in removing Vaastu defects.

2. Wind Chimes: Many types of wind chimes are available nowadays. By hanging chimes of different melodies one can harmonise the vibrations of defected areas in a building.


3. Lighting: A house with torn corners can be cured of Vaastu defects by utilizing lights of various colors.

The main entrance of a house must be well-lit.

Any room in the northwest corner must be kept well-lit and clean.


4. Plants: By keeping potted plants at certain places one can reduce or eliminate vasstu defects. If there is a stair case facing the main entrance then place potted plants along the stairs. The main entrance can be made auspicious by placing potted plants on both sides of the door. [Vaastu for Plants]


5. Vaastu Pyramids: The Pyramids are located in many parts of the world. It is a huge structure made of stones with slanting triangular sides pointing upwards.


The name Pyramid clearly consists of two words; ‘Pyra’ which stands for fire and ‘mid’ meaning the middle. There is something mysterious about the Pyramids and the name suggests some source of positive force existing in the middle part of a Pyramid. There is a chamber located at the middle of the great Pyramid at Giza and any dead animal lying there does not deteriorate. So there must be some mysterious power there.

Small replicas of Pyramids are available and are supposed to fill the areas with positive energy thereby reducing the negative effects of vaastu related defects.

Crystal pyramids give peace harmony and prosperity by absorbing the negative energy of premises.

6. Yantras: Yantras are some specific figures or squares with some numbers and these are inscribed with a sharp object on a piece of some metal like copper or silver or written with some specific ink on some sacred leaf.

A yantra is to be made at some auspicious time and then energised by certain ritual or worship.


A properly made and energised yantra is then kept in the pocket or tied on the body of the person needing certain remedy. For curing Vaastu defects a required yantra can be fixed at the place where defect exists.

There are many types of Yantras and each has some specific purpose.

Durga Yantra is inscribed on a silver or copper plate. This is a very powerful yantra capable of removing many vaastu defects and should be fixed on the main entrance.

7. Mantras: A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation” in body, mind and spirit through its vibratory effects.

Relevant mantra should be recited by sitting in a comfortable posture in a calm place with calm mind and full concentration on the meaning of the words of the mantra. Greater the number of recitations higher will be the chances of fructification of the desired results.
The following Mantra is addressed to the VaastuPurusha and helps in eliminating Vaastu defects.



8.Vaastu Crystals: Naturally occurring quartz crystals are a source of energy. Crystal pyramids are also available. The Quartz crystals kept in the north-west corner of a room help in harmonising family relations. These are also good for health and success in financial matters.Hang a relevant crystal in thearea of a room where a VaastuDosha exists.


9. Rudraksha Beads: Rudraksha beads are considered very sacred. Rosaries made of Rudraksha beads are used for mantra recitation.

As per a Hindu mythological legend it is believed that lord Shiva used his weapon called Aaghor in order to destroy the demon called Tripurasur.


Due to the nature of the weapon used tears droped down from lord Shiva’s eyes and these grew up as trees whose fruits are called Rudraksha.

It is believed that Lord Shiva bestows His blessings upon anyone using Rudraksha beads for worshipping.

The Rudraksha beads are classified from one to sixteen faces (mukh). These beads come in many sizes and the smallest ones are considered more precious.

10. Vaastu Energy Plate: Energy plate is a plastic plate approximately eight inches square and about half inch thick with the relevant symbol inscribed on its surface and an aluminium wire wrapped all around.

An energy plate with a Swastika symbol hung at the main entrance gives health and harmony to the members of that house.


An energy plate with a symbol of female egg and male sperm hanged in the bedroom of a married couple, on the wall towards the feet while sleeping, gives marital bliss and progeny.

12. Landscaping: Landscape means the scene or background or surroundings. By rearranging or beautifying the surroundings or in other words by landscaping we can overcome some Vaastu related defects of the premises.

One or more of the following suggestions can be incorporated for landscaping:


Construct boundary walls on west, south-west and south directions and these should be thicker and higher than those in east, north and northeast directions.
• Increase load on the south and south-west direction by making it heavier or increasing the level.
• Create slopes of the land towards north, east and north-east so that water flows towards these directions.
• Plant aromatic and auspicious plants, herbs and trees in the west directions of the plot.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar